The Apple company is renowned for building new gadgets with fast operating systems. After the launch of the iPhone 13, their company earned fame, and within a few months, their revenue just hit the maximum score.

Now it’s evident after the series of iPhone 13, everyone is expecting the launch of the iPhone 14. But it seems that all our instincts are right. There has been a leak in news about launching a new series.

It was rumored that iPhone 14 should arrive in September to October 2022, but the news has not been published yet. An image of this new model shows that the experts have built its body with aluminum blocks. It has 4 layers.

Are some rumors about its design yet to be proven?

The manufacturing of the iPhone 14 has been spread for a few months now. So, why would the description of its functions be kept hidden? The rumors about the specifications of the iPhone 14 are given below:

  • The modules of its camera are prominent.
  • The screen of the Model Pro-Max is 6.7 inches, and only the iPhone is 6.1 inches in size.
  • Its mini version has a display of 5.4 inches.
  • Both the mini and max pro versions include two modules in the camera system, which is the same as the iPhone 14 model.
  • The internal board carries a top-tier CPU built into it.

So, we all are expecting better functions in this new model of iPhone 14. Besides, the Apple company is bringing the prices of the iPhone series models closer to each other. It carries benefits for both the dealers and the consumers.

In other words, you can tell with such high specifications,that this new model will be a budget-friendly device. So, the rumors might be true.

We are still looping around the models of the iPhone 13 that was launched last year. Before its release date, some iPhone users spread the same rumors about specifications. They were waiting for it to be launched in the market, with high expectations.

All the functions of the iPhone 13 were more than enough already, and the rumors were true. But still, some expected much better performance, especially those who are pros at using the iPhone. So, what’s new for this later model?

As the image of the iPhone 14 was leaked, so the new model, i.e., iPhone 14 max, might attract iPhone users with its large display. The difference in display between iPhones 14 and 14 max is 0.6 inches. So, the display size of the new model will gain more customers.


Already, Apple has been more updated than Android in operating systems and built-in software. Moreover, they create transparent displays with large sizes and provide a higher refresh rate.

And now, most people use iPhones for photo shooting purposes only. So, they made the digital camera more prominent than the other company’s devices. We hope that the new model will be well above our expectations.