One of the most convenient ways of sending emails is through the Gmail platform. It is a fast, secure, and effortless way to send any messages quickly. Almost all companies, businesspeople, and individuals feel safe sending confidential documents using Gmail.

But one of the most irritating parts is that not only Gmail but every communication app keeps sending all types of messages. So, you may get maximum irrelevant messages alongside the important ones.

Reason to be harassed

Before the latest update to Gmail, lots of irrelevant messages used to appear. These notifications hamper one during working hours, and it’s annoying. It keeps your focus offwork and causes difficulties finding the vital notification needed. It wastesvaluable time.

So, to solve this problem, Google updated Gmail and made your surroundings free from notification sounds and messages. The latest update by Gmail also works with “Focus mode for iOS,” which is Apple’s new feature.

This feature deals with silence and peace on a digital platform. It means, like the silent notification of an Android phone, you can specify when you want to be notified by a specific organization or user. It might be your boss or colleagues.

Benefits of this updated software

  • You can select a specific time for getting the notifications whenever you are available.
  • Irrelevant notifications can be ignored and wiped out from the Inbox of Gmail.
  • It enables the synchronization of focus mode in your iOS device, to address urgent notifications any time you need.
  • Do not get irritated by huge notifications at a time during working hours.

Its presence creates an impact on digital peace

Digital peace was necessary after this pandemic. It is different when you are at your residencedoing remote work and getting a huge number of notifications at a time. But at non-remote places, time matters.

So, Gmail updated itself following the Apple updates creating an option for keeping the notification silent. You can control seeing or receiving your required notification in your own determined time.


Thus, with the latest update in Gmail, you will not get any irrelevant notifications if you change the settings according to your preference.