If you’ve recently tried to order Uber rides using your Apple watch like you used to do in the past, you can no longer enjoy such luxury, and here’s why.

The Uber team shut down its Uber app on the Apple watch. Now, you’re back to hailing an Uber the traditional way, via your mobile phone.

The Uber app exposed Apple watch users to a myriad of opportunities. For starters, you could see your driver’s live location and their details. You could also see the estimated arrival time without visiting your mobile phone.

Sadly, that luxury has come to an end. Although the app is still available on Apple Watch, you’ll get a redirection message asking you to use the mobile app when you launch the Apple Watch app now.

Hopefully, you’ll stop seeing the Uber app on the Apple watch once Apple updates the iOS on the watch. But for now, you’ll have to get used to the app being non-functional on the Apple watch.

Nevertheless, the unavailability of the app on the Apple watch doesn’t mean you’ll no longer get notifications on the watch when your ride arrives. Basically, your Apple watch’s only interaction with your Uber details is no different from before the Apple Watch app was created.

Hence, you’ll need your mobile device to track your rider’s location, the driver’s details, the estimated arrival time and price, etc. The Uber app first appeared on Apple Watch in 2015, but it was always limited in function.