We’ve all been there: no one is available to photograph your circle of friends at a unique venue or event. Fortunately, Apple has devised a remedy in the form of a simple iPhone function.

You may use the built-in self-timer on your iPhone camera to shoot images without pressing the shutter button.

You may choose between a short or long countdown timer, and your camera will take 10 burst images to capture the precise moment.

How to Use Your iPhone Camera’s Timer

You can have problems finding the timer on the iPhone camera if you’re new to the iPhone or have never used it before. Here’s where to look for it and how to take advantage of it.

Select either the Portrait or Photo mode on your iPhone’s camera. This works with either your front-facing or rear-facing camera.

In the top-right corner of the screen, tap the up-arrow. You may also open Mode Settings by swiping up on the Mode menu (if you look at the horizontal menu, which is directly beneath the picture the camera is displaying).

The Mode Settings Can be Found Near the Top of the Page On Previous Versions of iOS.

Choose the Shutter Timer symbol from the drop-down menu (it appears a bit like a clock). Depending on the Mode you’re utilizing and what edition of iOS you’re using, it may appear in different places on the menu, however, the icon will still be the same. When the Shutter Timer is selected, the symbol turns yellow. The Shutter Timer will remain selected unless you manually change it or shut the camera and then reopen it.

Select 3 or 10 Seconds On the Menu.

Then click the shutter button and take your place in front of the camera. As the clock progresses, the countdown is going to flash on the screen. The shutter is going to fire once the timer has finished, taking a sequence of 10 images in a quick burst. If you want the camera to snap a burst of 10 images like in Live Mode, make sure Live Mode is turned on before pressing the timer button. Regardless of whether you’re in Portrait or Photo Mode, if you don’t enable Live Mode, the camera is going to only capture one photo.

To edit a photo, access it in the Gallery application after you’ve taken it. You can select which of the images you want to utilize by selecting the Live Mode icon.

Is the iPhone 11 fitted with a camera timer?

Even if you haven’t updated the software on your iPhone 11, it comes with a camera timer. The instructions for setting the timer, ought to remain the same, as should the timer hold intervals (3 or 10 seconds).


On an iPhone 5, how do I activate the camera timer?

While this model didn’t come with a camera timer that is in-built, iOS 8 improved the native camera app on supported iPhones to include this capability. Follow the same instructions as above if you upgraded the iPhone 5 to a minimum of iOS 8.

On the iPhone 4, how can I activate the camera timer?

Unfortunately, the camera app on the iPhone 4 does not include a self-timer feature. You might be able to discover an appropriate third-party timer application for iPhone 4 operating systems in the App Store. You can use the procedures above if you do have an iPhone 4S operating iOS 8 or later.