Two-factor authentication is a security key that prevents any social ID from being hacked by illegal hackers. It protects the data from getting leaked. So, one must activate a two-factor authentication security key for all social IDs.

For activating this security key, an android phone is necessary. This security system was developed by Google, which keeps your social ID behind lots of protected layers. Setting up this security key is not a difficult option. Let us jump into the details.


You must have the latest operating software to get the settings on your device. You will get this option in Android 7.0 or above. It is also the same for Windows, iOS, and Mac operating devices. You must keep a recovery phone number for activating the security setting.

The following are the steps you should take to make your phone able to use this security system.

  • Click on the security page of your Google account after the login.
  • Select “Use your phone to sign in” option from the “Signing into Google” tab.
  • Sign into the account using a password with some verification steps.
  • Select your desired phone, which shell be key to signing into the account.
  • Finally, the phone number is synchronized with the Google account.

Thus, your phone has become a security key to your Google accounts andis synced with all your social IDs. It generates different codes every time when you sign into your accounts. So, you do not need to type your password every time.

Using a phone rather than a primary security key

  • Go to your security page of the Google account and activate the 2-step verification option.
  • Below you will find “Add security key.”
  • You will see multiple options on your device. Choose the preferred one and click it.
  • A notification will appear regarding the opening of Bluetooth. Keep the Bluetooth on.
  • Select any supporting browser for completing the process.

So, you can quickly log in to the Google account without typing a password each time. Your phone can now function as a secondary security key. In this process, you can choose a way to link the security key. Besides a phone number, you can go for an NFC key or a USB wire for signing into the account.


The two-factor security key is essential for those who open business accounts. Leaking all the crucial databases is now a common cybercrime that can be stopped using this security key.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about losing your phone, unless you lose the number. Keep the recovery number because that is at the heart of this process. So, follow the above steps to use your phone as a two-factor authentication security key going forward.