Amazon faced a temporary outage in the cloud unit of their web service. This affected the Internet connection in two different regions of the West Coast in the United States.

They overcame the adversities and recovered from that outage pretty quickly. The affected areas were Northern California and Oregon.

The Amazon Web service supports various online infrastructure companies, including Netflix.

Due to the outage and Netflix, other services like Slack, Ring, and DoorDash were also not up and running. This is a clear indication of the outage being widely spread across various services.

The official Twitter page of Twitch tweeted out that the problem had been resolved, and people could once again access the services in the affected areas. Since Twitchis a huge platform for all content creators, an outage can have a greatimpact on their work.

Aside from this outage, Amazon has experienced a total of 27 outages in their past 12 months of service in the United States. This may have brought up some concerns among the users. They are constantly worried about whether the benefits will go down once again or not.