As time passes, we are making our lives a lot easier through various inventions. The robot from Hyundai is a prime example of that. It’s. essentially, a robot that works as your servant, carrying things for you.

Diving deep into this, you get to see a large tray with some wheels attached to it. Sound pretty simple. Well, there are lots of things going on with the robot. It’s called MobED, by the way. This is the short form for Mobile Eccentric Droid.

The robot’s main function is to carry stuff for you; how you use it is up to you. Now, this is what makes this robot so hyped. In Hyundai’s example, they showed that the robot is carrying a baby stroller at one point, and in another case, it’s carrying a pyramid of glasses full of cocktails!

This robot weighs around 50kg and has dimensions of 67cm length, 60cm width, and 33cm height. So, it doesn’t take a lot of space, but it can be a bit heavy. Having said that, it comes with a set of wheels that go quite fast.

Hyundai is said to launch the MobED at the CES happening next year, which is planned to be around January 2022.