Twitter has recently announced its decision to close two offices in India, located in Mumbai and the country’s capital Delhi. This is a part of Twitter’s global cost-cutting efforts due to the economic downturn caused by Covid-19. Now the operation of these two offices will move to remote working, and its Bengaluru office is open.

Before this incident, in November last year, Elon Musk fired 90% of Twitter staff in India, around 200 employees in total. The company has already shut down several US, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America offices. It has already laid off about 50% of its employees to reduce costs and optimize resources.

The two closed offices in India employed more than 200 people, most of whom will work from home now. Twitter said that the staff affected by the shutting of the offices would be able to continue employment with the company in the form of remote working. Some staff had been shifted to other branches in India.

Twitter has been focusing on India for a long time as an important market for its growth. It has recently made huge investments in India by opening its first innovation hub in Bangalore just a few months earlier. It will remain open and operate the India chapter from there.

Despite the shutdown of a couple of offices, Twitter looks forward to retaining its focus on India and continue making further investments in the market. The decision to close two Indian offices came as a part of the cost-cutting strategy Twitter is implementing globally.

The company has also been working on restructuring the workforce in different countries to make it more efficient and reducing headcount from around the globe to achieve that. Twitter is also trying to streamline its operation and focusing on improving its efficiency.

The move to shut down two offices in India is the latest step taken by Twitter as a contentious part to reduce costs and keep the operation efficient and smooth. But this closure of offices in an important market like India is viewed as a setback for Twitter users, employees who were working there, and India as a market.

However, it has been done as a necessary part of the company’s effort to ensure its long-term sustainability. Twitter has already started taking several essential measures to ensure its financial health, and these efforts are expected to continue in the coming months.