Since its release of CarKey exclusively to BMW cars in 2020, Apple is set to take the CarKey feature to the next level, by expanding its reach to other car manufacturers. CarKey is a feature added to iPhones and Smartwatches. It lets owners of BMWs unlock and access their cars via a digital key.

Although this feature launched in 2020, was a feature that was only compatible with BMWs,nevertheless, Apple is finally ready to take the big leap by synchronizing CarKey with other car brands.

This information was shared by Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg tech reporter, in his newsletter titled,Power on. Gurman further revealed that the move to spread the use of CarKey to other car manufacturers starts with the Hyundai and Hyundai’s premium Genesis car models.

This feature is set to go live in the summer of 2022. Apple’s CarKey can be accessed through the iPhone wallet app. In essence, owners of Hyundai vehicles and the Genesis car brand would join Apple’s digital key clique.

There’s not much on whether Hyundai would leverage the iPhone’s ultra-wideband technology, enabling end-users to unlock their Hyundai cars with their iPhones in their pockets,or if they’ll just stick with the NFC wireless technology. This partnership between Hyundai and Apple is a bit of a plot twist, considering how both brands dissolved their initial car production collaboration in 2021.

Apple is one of the companies spearheading the “smart life.” That is the life where basic things like turning on the light, watching your heart rate, etc., are digitized. It’s not surprising that the brand is revolutionizing how end-users relate to their cars.