The advent of technology means end-users should beware of their gadgets or social media messaging platforms getting infected by a virus. Just as technology has advanced for the better, cybercriminals have also advanced in their operations.

With the wave of WhatsApp mods in the world and WhatsApp becoming vulnerable to spyware sometime in the past, end-users should know how to protect themselves from WhatsApp viruses. Keep reading to see how you can protect yourself.

Update your WhatsApp

The simplest way to avoid getting infected by a WhatsApp virus is to update your WhatsApp. After the announcement of the app’s vulnerability, WhatsApp fixed the issue.

They released an updated version of the app to that effect. They did not stop there, as they have released many more app versions. Every version holds an important update.

So, as an end-user, you must keep updating your WhatsApp to the latest official WhatsApp release. Apart from adding cool new features to the app, updates are a way to fix security issues and counter possible breaches.

Update your Mobile Device

When your mobile device is outdated, it leaves your phone and apps vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Update your mobile device to avoid WhatsApp viruses or other viruses affecting your phone.

Always check for a mobile update and update your phone immediately. That way, you’ll protect yourself from possible virus invasions.

Avoid WhatsApp mod

WhatsApp mods are the various illegal WhatsApp re-creations. Some of these mods are GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, etc. Although these versions of WhatsApp offer you fantastic features that the official WhatsApp doesn’t have, they’re not safe to download.

Since you can’t download these WhatsApp mods off the Google Play Store, downloading them from random websites exposes you to the possibility of getting your phone infected by a virus.


Now that you know how to avoid WhatsApp viruses, you should put this knowledge to good use. WhatsApp viruses are usually nasty. Trust me; you don’t want to become a victim.