About a year ago, Spotify, one of the top music streaming gods in the world, announced in a tweet that the Spotify HiFi would hit the market. However, it’s a year later, and there’s no sign of the HiFi feature or a release date in sight.

Spotify HiFi is an additional feature that Spotify Premium users would have access to. The promise attached to this feature is to deliver lossless audio quality to Premium Spotify listeners around the globe.

Currently, Premium Spotify end-users only have access to compressed audio quality, a “normal” audio quality sound of roughly 96kps on mobile devices and 160 kbps on a laptop, for unpaid end-users. Premium subscribers have access to 320 kbps audio quality, “high-quality” audio on the streaming platform.

However, it doesn’t compare to the possibilities of a lossless audio sound. End-users would hear every sound detail engulfed in a song, podcast, etc. It is on par with the audio quality you get when you play a CD.

Although Spotify announced that the feature would be available on the platform, there has been no news on the release date and other necessary details. So, fans still wait in anticipation of the Spotify HiFi feature.