The world is becoming increasingly globalized. This article will cover things you should know if you wish to communicate face-to-face with loved ones that live thousands of miles away from you.

Get Quality Internet

All video calling apps require the internet to function. Moreover, the quality of your internet connection directly impacts your video calling experience. After all, as much as you love your family member or friend you are video calling, you will end up frustrated while calling them if your internet connection keeps lagging every other second!

Consequently, ensure that you are subscribed to a suitable internet service. In case you are not already, we would recommend switching to Xfinity Internet. Not only does the brand provide speedy coverage but it also caters to your needs well whenever you call its customer care department.

Beware of Time Zones

Well, if you are new to the world of calling up people thousands of miles away from you, let us tell you that, although long-distance communication has become much easier than what it was like a few decades ago, it still has some hurdles. One of these hurdles is the variation in time zones.

Okay don’t freak out but here it goes: if you are in New York City right now and it is 11 A.M., that cousin in Hong Kong you were thinking of calling is probably fast asleep because it is midnight at their place. If you call them up, appreciating you missing them will be the last thing on their mind. In short, being aware of time zones is important.

Note that the larger the difference in longitudes between the two points at which the two callers are, the bigger the time difference. So, even though New York City and Ecuador are thousands of miles away, they still have the same time because they are on the same longitude. Wonderful how the world works, no?

Choose the Right Video Calling App

Now, in the free world, we can choose whichever app we want. However, if you have a loved one in a country that puts restrictions on certain apps over, there is a problem for you that you have to overcome.

One example of this is the banning of Facebook Messenger and Skype in Dubai. We once had a colleague of ours stay in Dubai. In order to communicate with him, we had to download Google Hangouts as all the apps we used normally to video call one another were banned by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

How did we find out which app we could call our colleague in Dubai? By looking it up on Google and reading the first article that popped up at that time. In a similar fashion, you can easily find out which video calling apps you can use to call people located in different areas of the world on the internet. Trust us; it is not that difficult; just something to consider.

Do Not Be So Impatient About Lags

Let us be very honest; even though there are a lot of flaws in the United States of America, we are still much more developed than many countries in the world. Here we are blessed with internet speeds in the thousands of megabits per second. However, that is not the case with all other countries. In fact, many are only provided with speeds of 1 or 2 megabits per second!

What this means is that the slowness of the internet connection of the person on the other end of the video call may cause lag routinely. It is important not to get frustrated at your loved one in this situation (they simply cannot get hold of a better internet connection).

If they are living in a developed country and have accustomed to the standard of living there, your complaining about lags in the video call will sound extremely petty to them and the call which was supposed to strengthen your bond with them will end up weakening it.

Final Words

They say that distance helps the heart grow fonder. It is important to not give up on relationships just because they are inconvenient to maintain. You are doing the right thing by making an effort to video call your loved ones abroad and we hope this article makes the process easier for you.