Windows 11 is the latest update of Windows that changes the display and operation settings. The update of windows 10 to 11 is a recent case, developed in the previous year. Some users find it difficult to do updates in windows 11 and deal with a few errors.

Maximum Windows users are still using Windows 10 because it is already adjusted to whole computer networks. Windows 11 needs some requirements to function correctly. Ordinary users will get this error due to a lack of specific requirements.

This weird error comes with a back-dated driver and hardware components in a windows operating system. Without an updated driver, the configurations and applications will not support the operations of windows 11.

Let us see the common errors you observe while updating the applications in windows 11.

  • Getting 0xc1900101 code updating the OS takes it back to the previous stage.
  • While running the virtual machine on virtual software, new updates make it hang and crash back to the previous version.
  • The graphics card’s driver gets an error while updating, and at some stage, it stops working.

Problems found in Windows 11

Recently, the team of Microsoft has also been monitoring common errors that most users are finding while updating. But the operating team considers this error to be normal because they are already working on developing the OS.

Common issues are primarily observed in the storage system, some application features, or in updates, which is not a big deal because these are hardware-related problems that have no connection to the operating system of windows 11.

If you find bugs in an application that leads to a crash or hanging stage, define a problem found in windows 11. Moreover, you might observe an installation failure that indicates a problem. Any issues found in updates of drivers, software, or security applications are serious problems that need to be fixed.

Fixing the problems to avoid these weird errors

To avoid the installation failure of any applications in windows 11, you need to find a solution to fix them. In most cases, trying more than once to reinstall, happens to be successful.

This generic error has different reasons that need different ways to solve this problem. In most cases, the users solve them by making a proper trashing of all the data on the disk. And the users understand that common space could create such installation failure in the new Windows OS.

Another prominent way of avoiding the wired error is by disabling the antivirus. So, most users tried this normal process of solving the problems.


Failure in the installation of applications in windows 11 is not connected to the main Microsoft OS base. It is due to the lack of compatibility in the hardware of the PC or laptop. So, follow the above process to avoid this weird error.