Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia

The Filipino Maid Agency Malaysia is an agency that specializes in providing qualified and experienced domestic workers from the Philippines to Malaysian households. This agency has been in operation since 1996 and has developed a strong reputation for providing reliable, trustworthy, and professional services to its customers.

The Filipino Maid Agency Malaysia takes pride in its commitment to providing high quality maids who are well-trained and have the necessary skills required for various household duties. Furthermore, this agency provides excellent customer service support to ensure all of its customers’ needs are met in a timely manner. With an extensive network of partners throughout Malaysia, this agency can provide efficient maid placement services to any area within the country with ease.

Characteristics of Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has always been known to be open and welcoming to foreign domestic workers, allowing them to come and work legally in the nation. As such, there are many Filipino maid agencies in Malaysia that offer professional services and quality service for employers as well as employees alike. These agencies focus on customer satisfaction and safety procedures when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and managing their domestic workers. Here are some of the key characteristics of Filipino maid agency Malaysia:

Professionalism & Quality Service – The most important characteristic of any Filipino maid agency operating in Malaysia is its professionalism. These agencies have dedicated teams who ensure that all the necessary documents are complete before the placement process starts. They also conduct rigorous background checks on their employees before offering them employment contracts. This ensures that all domestic workers recruited by these agencies meet the highest standards of quality service and safety regulations set forth by the government of Malaysia.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction & Safety Procedures – All top-tier Filipino maid agencies operating in Malaysia aim to provide a safe environment for both employers and employees alike by implementing strict safety protocols throughout their recruitment process as well as during employment tenure with them.

Benefits of Engaging with a Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia

Engaging with a Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia offers many benefits to employers and employees. The agency provides access to qualified candidates for employment opportunities, support for employee training programs, and assistance with immigration requirements and paperwork processing.

  • Access to Qualified Candidates for Employment Opportunities

The Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia offers a wide range of services that enable employers to source quality domestic help from the Philippines. Through the agency’s extensive database, employers can find candidates who have experience in various household tasks such as childcare, housekeeping, cooking, laundry and gardening. The agency also screens potential employees thoroughly before they are presented to employers ensuring that they meet all necessary requirements including background checks and reference verification. This helps ensure that only suitable candidates are recommended for employment opportunities in Malaysia.

  • Support for Employee Training Programs

The Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia also provides support through its training programs which help ensure that potential employees receive the necessary knowledge and skills required for their job role prior to starting work with an employer in Malaysia.


Filipino maid agencies in Malaysia provide an important service to many households. They can help to find qualified and experienced domestic helpers who are able to provide quality care and support. By doing so, these agencies can make life easier for those who need their services. With the right selection of agencies, people in Malaysia can be sure that they will get the best possible help for their needs.