Microsoft Teams has become quite a popular platform for those working from home. Millions of people are using the platform, which leads Microsoft to make constant developments to it. They have brought in some new features to the platform for reducing all kinds of distractions.

They are bringing in a new update where your face will be removed from the screen. This reduces the distraction people may have while conducting meetings or working. It can be a bit awkward to see your face while you are speaking about something.

The plan gives you the option to hide or show your video in a team meeting. You can also have the opportunity to adjust the video, so it’s not covering any part of your presentation. With the toggle functionality, you can adjust the video in different ways to adjust to it your work environment.

This suggestion came from a user in their feedback portal. They explained that the application’s self-view is static and stays in the same place. This causes some distractions here and there. They also stated that it sometimes comes in sharing the screen for presentation.

In response to that, Microsoft came up with their statement that their team is working on solving these issues. With the newer updates to the platform, they will try to implement the option to turn off the video mirror feature.

They are saying this new feature update may roll out in either December 2021 or January 2022. Their official roadmap to the update says that they are bringing in the feature that gives users the option to hide their video during the meeting, to make it less distracting. At the same time, the video will still be available to other participants in the meeting.

They are also adding another feature that allows users to use the third-party app through Microsoft Teams web. This feature gives you the option to manually approve any kind of information source, like camera, location, or microphone for any third-party app that you may be using through Teams.

However, they haven’t said when they will release this feature on their Team web version. This is already available to the desktop and mobile versions, though. According to their roadmap, the probable time for dropping this update is around February 2022.

They are also working on bringing in multi-camera support. But this will be available only to selected devices with Microsoft Teams’ rooms.