Katapulk is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, offering high-quality products and fast delivery from around the world into Cuba. Using this platform, customers can send food and other products to Cuba. Let’s dive deeper and learn about the Katapulk marketplace in detail.

Katapulk: Facts You Should Know


It is an e-commerce platform based in Cuba that is revolutionizing how people access products and goods in the country. It gives Cuban people access to products from worldwide, as well as from local markets.

It was founded by Fuego Enterprise Inc., a prominent online food-distributing company, with the aim of creating a marketplace that would make it easier for Cuban people to purchase goods and services. The platform allows users to search for products and services, compare prices, and make secure payments.

Katapulk online marketplace is an excellent way for Cuban businesses to reach a large number of customers and increase their sales. It provides a secure and reliable way for customers to purchase various products and services, and users can make payments from in and out of the country.

The platform has a website and a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It has made purchasing products easy for people and allows businesses to grow.

How Katapulk Works

It does not just work like typical e-commerce platforms. Here, you can purchase products from this e-commerce website directly, paying the total amount. But there is another payment method. You can purchase products from a Katapulk accepting store, and it will pay up the money for you, which you can pay back in installments.

This process is called a lease-to-own product. Here you will be a lessee of the product until you pay the total amount. It is a very cost-effective way to purchase products in Cuba. Most importantly, you won’t have to lend money from banks or credit cards, which are expensive.

Moreover, this platform also provides various offers and discounts throughout the year. It allows you to purchase products at discounted prices.

What Is Available In Katapulk

From groceries to fashion items and building materials, you will find everything in Katapulk. But it’s especially popular for food products. You will find livestock, cooking ingredients, and ready-to-eat foods on this platform.

Final Thoughts

Cubans living outside the country largely use Katapulk to purchase food items and other products for their families and relatives in Cuba. This is a great platform, offering low-cost products to Cuban people and creating growth opportunities for businesses there.