Are you a student who wants to test his ability, knowledge, and skills in any subject you like? Then Joinmyquiz Com or Quizizz Com is the greatest platform you’d ever know. It is built according to the perfect abilities of an individual student so that he may test himself completely. The whole platform has several features that you can explore for free.

Joinmyquiz Com: Facts You Should Know

Hence, if you have never been to Quizizz before, let’s give you a little brief review of it. Keep reading!

How To Log in and Join My Quiz?

Joining this platform is very simple and easy because all you have to do is to point a finger on your mobile screen or touch your trackpad/mouse.

To make it easier, please look at the steps I’ve explained to help you sign up for Quizizz.

  1. First, go to Quizizz and Click on the Sign-Up Button.
  2. You can use your email address or different Signing Up platforms like Google to get in. It is also easier.

The platform has made three different portals to enter. One for students, one for Workers, and one portal are only for people interested in exploring their abilities.

Now, you can select the option you want to use to get inside. After that, it would be simply setting up and choosing the related subjects.

What Subjects does Quizizz offer For The Students To Explore Quiz Sessions?

This platform offers multiple subjects, matching someone’s desires and the difficulty level they are looking for in those quiz tests.

These subjects that you can explore and have a quiz in include the followings:

  • Mathematics
  • English and Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • Science
  • Computer Science and Skills
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Creative arts

Other smart subjects include Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Probability and Statistics, Arithmetic and Number Theory, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

What Are Some Of The Important Features Of Joinmyquiz Com?

Quizizz is an effective, engaging, and highly user-friendly learning platform that offers various tools to make a classroom totally fun.

Here, you can be a student, a teacher, and more. This helps you create lessons and conduct formative assessments; you can assign homework and do more.

In addition, the platform offers the following engaging features in the same place

A Complete Instructor Paced Lessons/Quizzes:

It’s a feature that helps the teachers control the pace; the whole class can easily go through every question together.

A Student-Paced Quizzes/Lessons:

This feature allows and helps the students to process at their own pace. Therefore, you can see a complete leaderboard with the live results for every question or lesion.


This feature helps the students see the content on their own devices. It could be a PC, Smartphone, Tablet, or laptop.

Access To Millions Of Quizzes:

The platform provides a public quiz portal where you can edit, customize or make changes to them.

Sharing and Collaborating:

There is a way you can share your quiz with the other instructors and ask them to collaborate.

Different Customization Options:

One can easily customize the quiz sessions to navigate between the level of competition and speed.


Here, you can get detailed class-level and student-level insight for every quiz you perform. After that, one can share this report with the parents or guardians to monitor the Student’s Progress.