If you are an online game enthusiast, then Roblox is no stranger to you. Roblox is an online platform that allows gamers across the world to play games created by other members or to create their own online video games.

How to Give Robux to People

Also, members who join the platform’s Builder Club can create items like t-shirts and shirts to sell. When you buy items from your Roblox friends, you will be donating Robux to them. Your friends can then use Robux to buy other items or advertise on the site.

To make this transaction possible, your friend sending the item needs to have Builder Club membership. However, you don’t need to have BC membership to donate Robux. Ask the person you want to donate to, what they have for sale, and make note of the items’ names.

Best Ways to Give Robux to People or Friends


Now, follow these steps to give Robux to a friend in the Roblox game.

  1. First, you need to login to your Roblox account, by inputting your username and password.
  2. Then, go to the blue navigation bar and locate the Catalog Click on it.
  3. On the Roblox catalog, search option, enter the user’s name and the list of the donated items. Once done, click on the Search
  4. Click on the desired clothing items from the search results. Usually, the name of the title is determined by the manufacturer of the clothing item.
  5. Once you have the desired products, locate the “Buy with R $” option, and click on it. This way, you will purchase the item and give Robux to your friend with ease.

 How to Donate Robux in a Group with Builder Club (BC) Membership

If your friends are already members of the BC, then donating Robux to them is extremely easy. You simply need to ask them to buy a T-shirt and the likes, and then they can get 70% profit in form of Robux. 30% market tax will be charged for all sold items.

To do this transaction, you can form a new group, which requires you to pay 100 Robux. After creating the group, go shopping in the group. You can then donate the group’s Robux to others through the group admin menu.

Donating to a Group with no BC Membership

If no person in the group has BC membership, you can achieve the donation process by reaching out to a third party. The third party should have BC membership and also have a group.

Let the friend you are donating to join the group. To add Robux to the group money, purchase the group items. Then, ask the group owner to make payment to the friend you want to donate to.

Donating to a Friend with no Builder Club Membership

Although possible, giving Robux to a friend who has no BC membership can be a bit difficult. To complete this process, you will need a third party. Just ask a group admin to add your friend. After selling a T-shirt or any other clothing item, ask the group admin to shift these commodities to your friend’s account.

Sell a Game Pass

Selling a game pass is another way to give Robux to your friend. This process is a bit tricky since you won’t keep most of the money acquired during the transactions.


You don’t need to have a Builder Club account to buy different items on Roblox for your friends. You can use any of the above methods to send them donations. Just ensure that they have enabled the Roblox UGC catalog feature.