Your Xbox Series S will run smoother, faster, and last longer if you keep it dust-free. If you don’t take care of either system, you’ll have trouble, therefore learning how to clean the new console properly is important.

Requirements and Tools

  • An Xbox Series S
  • Low-powered vacuum, microfiber cloths, compressed air, isopropyl alcohol
  • A T10 and T8 screwdriver bit

How do you clean the Xbox Series S?

If the Xbox Series S has really been making a lot of noise lately, it could be time for a cleaning. Dust buildup might cause your console’s fans to spin up quicker than usual, leading to greater noise and the possibility of overheating. You may face a hardware failure in the worst-case situation.

In case you do not want to take such a chance, make sure to clean the Xbox Series S regularly, particularly if you smoke or even have pets. Microsoft doesn’t advocate an interior clean; the formal guidance(opens in a new tab) is only for external use. However, it’s not difficult to disassemble your console, and as long as you don’t break anything, you won’t invalidate your warranty. Of course, in case you are unsure about doing this, just do an exterior clean.

To understand how to thoroughly clean your Xbox Series S, follow the steps below:

  • Completely turn off the Xbox Series S by unplugging it from the source of power.
  • Ensure that you placeit on a clean surface. It should not be used on a floor, carpet, or rug that has long fibers.
  • Take off the two white covers around the connection ports which are found on the console’s back. To remove the screws lying beneath them, utilize a T8 screwdriver bit.
  • Remove the screws from the bottom casing of the Xbox Series S and tuck it away in a clean area.
  • Utilizing a T10 screwdriver bit, turn over your console and unscrew the seven green screws. Separate the chassis by pushing the two edges of the white plastic case apart.
  • Take this opportunity to clean the plastic case of any dust. Compressed air, a microfiber cloth, a low-powered vacuum, or a clean brush can all be used to do this. Place it to the side once you’ve completed it.
  • Proceed to the chassis and clean up any dust accumulation.
  • Once that’s done, reattach the plastic cover to the chassis by using the T10 and T8 screwdriver bits to replace the screws.
  • Reconnect the Xbox Series S to the power supply and place it back in its original placement.


When it relates to hardware maintenance, it’s difficult to argue that prevention is always better than cure. If you don’t want to clean the Xbox Series S regularly, remember to at least update the filters. Cleaning the console regularly, as with any other console, is a good idea; just don’t leave it on the floor. Ensure that these surfaces are cleaned regularly, regardless of where you put them.