The importance of windows and doors in architecture is undeniable. It not only provides natural light and ventilation, but is also an important element of the appearance of the building. It is especially important to choose the right windows and doors in Alberta, Canada, where the climate is harsh.

Alberta’s historic window and door styles reflect the evolution of architecture over the centuries. From antique forms to modern solutions, each style has its own unique characteristics. When choosing a window or door, it is important to take into account the climate of Canada.

One of the popular materials for window frames is vinyl. Canglow’s vinyl windows combine durability, energy efficiency and affordability. They provide excellent insulation that protects you from the cold in winter and keeps you cool in summer. In addition, vinyl windows do not require complex maintenance.

 When choosing a window or door for an Alberta house, it is worth considering energy efficiency. The design of a well-insulated window will help reduce the cost of heating and cooling. It is also important to take into account the climatic conditions of Canada with cold winters and cool summers.

Historic window and door styles in Alberta

The historical window and door style offers a fascinating journey through time, reflecting the influences of different periods on architecture. Let’s look at some important styles, features and recommendations for their use in Canada.


Period: 11.-16. centuries.


Graceful, upward longing.

Rich decoration.

Stained glass windows, tall columns and pointed arches.

Examples: Gothic cathedrals, such as the French Coutant Gothic Cathedral Church.

Advantages: splendor, spiritual atmosphere.

Disadvantages: High repair costs.

Recommendations: Use gothic elements in spacious rooms with high ceilings.


Period: 17.-18. centuries.


Luxury, excess.

Curved, rich molds.

Luxurious interior.

Example: the Russian Winter palace.

Advantages: Luxury, splendor.

Cons: Difficult to maintain.

Recommendations: Use Baroque elements in a luxurious interior.


Period: 15.-16. centuries.


It is inspired by ancient culture.

Harmonious proportions, symmetry.

Classic arches, columns.

Example: the Queen’s residence in Greenwich.

Advantages: Elegance, delicacy.

Disadvantages: Limited decorative value.

Recommendations: Use Renaissance elements in an elegant interior.

The window and door style can inspire you to create a unique architectural design for your home. Remember that the choice of style depends on your taste and the atmosphere you want to create.

Windows in Alberta

Located in western Canada, Alberta’s windows have unique features that should be taken into account when installing and replacing windows. Let’s take a look at them:

The Effect of Climate and Material Selection:

Cold Winters: Alberta is known for cold winters, so windows need to provide excellent insulation. Vinyl windows (PVC) and double glazed wooden windows are popular options.

Intense Sun: Alberta can be hot in summer, so windows should be protected from UV rays and kept cool indoors. Solar coated windows and energy saving double glazed windows are recommended.

Windy conditions: The windows must be windproof and airtight as the wind can be strong.

Window materials:

Vinyl windows (PVC): they are popular due to their durability, low cost and good thermal insulation.

Wooden windows: provide a warm and natural beauty, but require regular maintenance.

Aluminum window: Lightweight, but less effective at maintaining heat.

Simple style for homeowners:

Alignment and minimalism: Simple shapes and clean lines fit most homes.Jul.

Neutral colors: windows in neutral tones (white, gray, brown) easily blend in with different interior styles.

When choosing a window in Alberta, it is important to take into account climatic conditions and personal preferences. Regardless of the material, the installation of quality windows ensures that your home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Vinyl Windows from Canglow: Benefits, Quality, and Service

Vinyl windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who want to replace their old window structures with a new one. Here’s why:

Durability: Vinyl windows are very durable and will last their owners for many years. They are resistant to damage, corrosion, bending and rotting. This material can withstand extreme temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. Vinyl granules can take almost any shape, which makes it versatile for different models of window systems.

Energy efficiency: Vinyl windows provide excellent insulation. They protect against moisture, drafts and mold, keep warm in winter and cool in summer. They also help reduce noise outside, making your home quiet and cozy.

Budget-friendly: Compared to other materials, vinyl is one of the most affordable options.

This will help you save on the overall renovation cost.

Minimum maintenance: Vinyl windows require very little maintenance. They do not deteriorate even after a long period of use.

Despite some disadvantages, such as the possible unreliability of a thin vinyl frame, canglow’s vinyl windows provide homeowners with durability, energy efficiency and reliability.

Energy efficiency windows from Canglow

Windowsretain heat andplay an important role inreducing heating costs. Canglow offers vinyl windows that contribute to energy savings. Let’sseehow theywilldo this:

Ufactor: This is a measure oftheheat outputin the house. The lower thevalue of the coefficientU, the warmer the roomwill be. The ideal value isnomore than0.30. Models withIand iM glass reflectthermalenergy indoors and prevent it from escaping outside.

SolarThermalGainFactor(SHGC):Determineshow much solar energy enters thehousethrough thewindow.HighSHGC (above 0.50) is suitable for harsh climates,wheresummerisnot associated with scorching sun.Inwarmclimatesaccompaniedbyhightemperaturesinsummer,alowSHGC(lessthan0.40)isgreatly appreciated.

Sealing: Good windowsputin the amount of air that does not disturb the microclimateofthe room. Air leakage is estimatedascubic meters of air passing througha one-square-meterwindowarea.In thewindow area,thenormal value is less than1m2per1minute per0.02788m3.

Lighttransmittance:Directionallighttransmittancedetermines how much sunlight canenterthehousethroughthewindow. The ideal value is no more than 70%. Multi-purpose glass with a lighttransmittanceof 65% isthepreferredchoice.

Canglow’senergy-savingwindowscreate thermal comfort and help you saveon heating and air conditioning. The simple style of this informationmakesit easy for homeowners to understand how vinyl windows contribute to energy savings.

Window installation and replacement process

Window installation and replacement is an important step in updating your home. Here are a few key steps to consider:

Preparation: Before you begin installation, make sure the frames and openings are ready. Remove the old windows and check for damage around the opening.

Selecting windows: Choose the right windows for your home. Consider material, energy efficiency, style and functionality.

Professional installers: It is recommended that you hire professionals to install your windows. Experienced professionals will ensure proper installation and minimize risks.

Installation: The installers will install the new windows using the right techniques and tools. They will also ensure that they are airtight and insulated.

Completion: Once the windows are installed, make sure all parts are secured, debris is removed and the windows are sealed.

Why Canglow.

Canglow offers high-quality windows and doors designed with your style and comfort in mind. Our products offer the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency: Canglow windows provide excellent insulation and will help reduce your heating bills.

Warranty: We offer a 25-year warranty on our products.

Professionalism: Our technicians have a wealth of experience and deliver quality workmanship.

Choosing Canglow for window installation and replacement is the right decision for your home!