Once upon a time, in Germany, a young boy named Toto Steubesand grew up in a family of business owners who ran a company in industrial laundry. The constant hustle and bustle of running a business left an indelible mark on him, which inspired him to major in textile cleaning during his time at a University. Later on, Toto joined the German Armed Forces in 1995 and chose to work in different roles that further expanded his knowledge as a security expert.

Toto’s expertise and skill set saw him rise through the ranks to become a field HUMINT leader and a tactical HUMINT leader in the international Special Forces community. In Pensacola, Florida, Toto’s hard work was rewarded with a promotion to Anti-Terrorism/Anti-Piracy Staff Officer Class.

Toto Steubesand left the military and went into the security industry, first as CEO at ZST Security and then as the Executive partner of the same firm. He kept up his excellent work as Executive Partner by making major new advances in the field of security.

Toto opened up a martial arts dojo in Kiel, Germany called AbwehrKraft in 2016. There, he teaches Israeli Krav Maga, a highly effective form of self-defense, to students of all ages. His school caters to military personnel, police enforcement officers, and the general public, teaching them close-quarter combat techniques and the proper use of weapons.

Aside from his successes as an entrepreneur and martial arts expert, Toto Steubesand is a mentor and life coach who loves inspiring others. He is an exemplary leader because of his willingness to put others’ needs before his own.  He is always happy to impart his wisdom in the hopes of assisting others in their own endeavors.

Toto Steubesand is an extraordinary individual whose contributions to the fields of security, martial arts, and business have earned him a place in the hearts of many. His selfless commitment to others and his willingness to impart wisdom have made him a role model and an inspiration to many.