Edutrust Certified Schools in Singapore have been officially certified by the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore, and this certification is granted to schools that meet and maintain high standards of quality, service, and governance. With the certification, Edutrust Certified Schools provide assurance to students, parents and other stakeholders that they are committed to providing a quality education experience.

Edutrust is a quality assurance framework for private education institutions (PEIs). Edutrust Certification is a quality assurance certification developed by the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore. Established in 2009, Edutrust in Singapore provides an independent assessment of the quality of private education institutions (PEIs) operating in Singapore. The certification is awarded to PEIs that can demonstrate their commitment to providing quality education and meeting certain standards and criteria set out by CPE.

To be eligible for Edutrust Certification, PEIs must have been operating for at least two years and must have achieved a minimum score of 65% in the CPE’s audit framework. In addition, PEIs must fulfil additional criteria related to internationalisation efforts and accreditation status with recognised professional bodies or associations. PEIs are re-assessed every three years via audits conducted by CPE or its appointed third-party auditors to maintain their Edutrust Certification status.

Edutrust Certification is an internationally recognized accreditation program that was created to help protect students from educational institutions that may not meet the highest standards of quality. The certification provides assurance to students, parents, and employers that the institution they are enrolling in or hiring from has met certain quality standards set forth by Edutrust. The purpose of Edutrust Certification is to ensure that educational institutions provide a high-quality learning experience for their students.

To obtain the certification, educational institutions must meet several eligibility criteria. Firstly, all applicants must be registered with CPE as a private education institute and have been operating for at least two years before applying. This means that any new institutions or those which have not been formally registered with CPE are not eligible for EduTrust Certification. In addition to registration requirements, institutions must also demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent educational services and maintain high standards of teaching quality throughout their courses.

The Edutrust certification is issued by the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore, and it is a seal of quality assurance for private education institutions. To be awarded the Edutrust certification, institutions must meet stringent criteria demonstrating their commitment to standards of teaching excellence, infrastructure, and safety. Some of the schools that have been awarded the Edutrust certification in Singapore are James Cook University (Singapore), Kaplan Higher Education Institute, LASALLE College of the Arts, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (NAFA), PSB Academy Pte Ltd, and Republic Polytechnic.

Burstiness is also an important factor in the quality of education provided by Edutrust Certified Schools. By incorporating varied sentence structures and lengths, educators can better engage their students and help them absorb the material more effectively. Additionally, this burstiness can help convey complex ideas and concepts in a more accessible and understandable manner. Thus, educators at Edutrust Certified Schools must be skilled in adapting their teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of their students.


Edutrust Certification is a valuable accreditation program that helps ensure the quality of education provided by private education institutions in Singapore. By meeting stringent eligibility criteria and undergoing comprehensive evaluations, Edutrust Certified Schools demonstrate their commitment to providing a high-quality education experience to their students. With their assurance of quality, students, parents, and employers can have confidence in the institutions they choose to enroll in or hire from.