We have seen many people on the internet searching for Aeymd Dot Com and trying to find out if it’s a legitimate website or a scam. But once you are here at this blog post, we’ll clear all your doubts in this regard.

The search for this website in the United States has been a trend. But not so many people know if it exists or not. Therefore, stay with us to find all the related information on the Aeymd.com website. We are here to deliver that.

Facts of Aeymd. Com

What Is the Story On Aeymd Dot Com?

Sometimes, people use fake profiles, robots, and bots to publicize their content or websites. That’s the same case with Aeymd. In that regard, we have researched and found that several people were discussing this website in a thread on Reddit.

There is a total number of 90 people stating that they have been using an app named Tinder. These people reported that they interacted with a lady interested in them.

But when we talked to them more deeply, they ensured they had received these messages from the same profile Aeymd Dot Com.

Later, it was founded that the profile was fake, and they were basically promoting Aeymd dot com with a fake domain address and website.

Should I Trust If There Is An Aeymd? Com Website?

You should never trust any website with this name because there is nothing legit registered with this name. We have seen more than 100 people reporting a scam related to this website, and it’s shocking news.

It means we shouldn’t trust what we hear. Sometimes, they are doing it to collect your important data. Or, who knows, your system might get hacked. So, beware of websites like these or especially fake accounts on the internet.

***Update Information of Aeymd Com Website in 2023***

We think that someone bought this domain and built a website between 2020 and 2021. We are guessing that the website was inactive for many months. But we couldn’t sure about it. Suddenly, this website name gained lots of search volume. That is why, someone has built a general multi niche website on this name. Now, this website has many categories like business and finance, education, law, gaming etc.  This new owner published his first article on October 20, 2022. Till February 16, 2023, the new admin has published more than 100 articles on different categories.


In final touch, we can say that the new admin is using this website for lots of traffic. And he is publishing informative articles. May be it was used for scams previously but it seems that everything is positive now. Let’s see what will happen in future.