World of Warcraft, which has become a classic but has not lost its popularity, touches the hearts of players even now. Many fantasy fans want to try themselves in more difficult levels but do not know where to start. And everything starts with the choice of race. Especially for you, we have collected the best races for hardcore servers, so that you can comfortably start a new path in World of Warcraft.

Night Elf

Elves are beautiful mythical creatures that mesmerize many people, not only fans of the game of Warcraft. Although the starting area of this race, Teldrassil, is quite challenging for players, as it has many caves and gorges that players may find too difficult, Teldrassil is a very beautiful place.

Thanks to their ability to pump stealth, as well as agility and speed, elves are a great choice for players who have chosen to play Teldrassil.

By the way, this race has cool tips, such as interaction with pets. And the stealth skill will help you slip past the guards unnoticed. To play on hardcore servers, this is a great option, so many players choose night elves for their gaming journey.


This is another interesting race to play on hardcore levels. The starting point of trolls – Durotar is quite challenging. Many players know that it is one of the hardest versions of the starting area. Many strong enemies are located there, which can make it difficult to pump the player.

However, trolls have interesting abilities that can help the player. For example, this race has access to many classes that the player can choose at will. And it is also possible to take advantage of the berserk mode. Trolls also have a fairly fast regeneration. And against beasts, the damage of trolls is increased, which can also be useful when pumping.


Thanks to the orc race, very many people, even those who have nothing to do with the game, know about World of Warcraft. It is a very famous and popular race, plus it is quite useful, so players love to play as orcs.

The starting orc is the same as the trolls – Durotar, this again can complicate the game in the initial stages, but it only makes it more interesting. In terms of increased health or regeneration, orcs are not in the leading positions among the races, but they have great combat power, rage mode, and stun. Also, like elves, you can pump the level of stealth, which will also be useful.

Of the classes, orcs have access to hunters, blacksmiths, and brigands. This allows you to increase some qualities, such as stealth and also gives you access to pets. This will be a great support for the player while going through a hardcore server.


A very popular race among players. This is understandable because the human race has a lot of advantages. Their starting zone is not as complicated as the trolls or orcs, but it is not as simple as the dwarves. It means that gaming will be interesting for players, but not too hard.

Also, the race of humans offers a wide range of classes and abilities that can help during leveling up. It is very important because in the beginning, it can be hard for players to cope with enemies. This is where the Spirit ability can come to the rescue, because of its 5% boost of the Spirit, increasing health and regeneration if the character is not in the middle of a fight. This is a very useful ability for players who don’t want to waste time regenerating their health. This ability also boosts and replenishes mana levels.


One of the best races for going through hardcore servers is the gnomes. This is due to the fact that their starting area is just about the easiest of all. Gnomes also have access to a wide variety of classes, such as mages. Selecting this class increases intelligence by 5%.

Dwarves also have cool abilities that make the game easier to play at hardcore levels. For example, the stone form, which increases defense by 10% percent, lowers sensitivity to poisons and bleeding. This race is also resistant to cold, which is great for playing in snowy areas.

Many players choose and appreciate dwarves for the fact that it is convenient and easy to play for them, and there is an opportunity to quickly pump and choose a useful class, which, combined with the abilities of dwarves will allow you to defeat even the strongest enemies.

There are many races in World of Warcraft, each player can choose something for himself, trying completely different options. However, hardcore servers are no joke. They can seem extremely difficult, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the races and decide which one will be the most suitable, for brilliant victories even on the most difficult levels.