Sci-fi dramas focus on themes of science and technology. They often feature stories set in the future, space, or alternate worlds, incorporating elements like artificial intelligence and time travel. This genre stimulates the imagination with its unique worldviews and settings. However, with so many sci-fi dramas available, it can be hard to choose which to watch. Hence, this article has compiled a recommended ranking based on evaluations, popularity, and topicality. The article also explains how to download these dramas, making it an essential read for sci-fi fans.

Recommended Ranking of Sci-Fi Dramas

Here is the recommended ranking of sci-fi dramas, judged on various factors like ratings, popularity, and relevance. Let’s dive in.

10th Place: Black Mirror

A British sci-fi anthology drama, “Black Mirror” features standalone episodes that depict the impact and issues of technology in modern society. It’s known for sharply satirizing the fears and contradictions technology brings, delivering a shocking experience to viewers. Available on Netflix.

9th Place: Westworld

An American sci-fi drama, “Westworld” is set in a future world with developed artificial intelligence. It depicts a theme park inhabited by human-like robots, delving deep into themes of human-robot relationships and the nature of self and consciousness. Available on HBO.

8th Place: Stranger Things

An American sci-fi horror drama set in a rural American town during the 1980s, “Stranger Things” involves a mysterious girl with supernatural powers and interdimensional monsters. It’s full of 1980s pop culture and film homages, offering nostalgia and surprises. Available on Netflix.

7th Place: Dark

A German sci-fi mystery drama, “Dark” is set in a small German town and involves complex incidents related to time travel and parallel worlds. It skillfully manipulates time, space, and causality, providing viewers with confusion and excitement. Available on Netflix.

6th Place: The Boys

An American sci-fi action drama, “The Boys” is set in a world where superheroes exist. It exposes the dark side of superheroes who have fallen into evil or are manipulated by power and money. The show candidly portrays superhero violence and corruption, shocking and amusing viewers. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

5th Place: LOST

An American sci-fi suspense drama, “LOST” follows the survivors of a plane crash on a deserted island in the South Pacific. It gradually reveals the mysteries of the island and the pasts and relationships of the survivors, offering viewers a mix of frenzy and puzzle-solving. Available on Hulu.

4th Place: Breaking Bad

While not traditionally categorized as a sci-fi drama, “Breaking Bad” is an American crime drama that has elements of science fiction. It tells the story of a terminally ill high school teacher who turns to manufacturing and selling drugs. The series brilliantly portrays the transformation of the protagonist’s character and moral compass, leaving a profound impact on viewers. Available on Netflix.

3rd Place: Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones,” an American fantasy drama, can be considered sci-fi due to its inclusion of dragons, magic, and a fictional medieval world. It revolves around the struggle for the throne and features grand scales, complex relationships, and unexpected twists. Available on HBO.

2nd Place: Doctor Who

A British sci-fi series, “Doctor Who” focuses on the adventures of the Doctor, a time-traveling alien, and his companions. The series explores various themes across history, the future, space, and alternate worlds, offering viewers a sense of wonder and adventure. Available on BBC.

1st Place: The Expanse

An American sci-fi drama, “The Expanse” is set in a future where the solar system has been colonized. It involves political conflicts between Earth, Mars, and the asteroid belt, as well as mysterious alien technology. Known for its scientifically accurate depictions, compelling characters, and thrilling plot, it provides viewers with excitement and awe. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

How to Download Sci-Fi Dramas

The most common method for downloading sci-fi dramas involves using the official app of streaming services, which typically includes a download feature. However, this method can have limitations and sometimes be inconvenient. As a more flexible and convenient alternative, consider using specialized video download software. StreamGaGa is highly recommended in this regard.

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Using StreamGaGa: An Example with Amazon Prime

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using StreamGaGa for batch downloading a series from Amazon Prime Video. Similar steps can be applied to other streaming sites.

  1. Install StreamGaGa on your computer.
  2. Click on the ‘Amazon’ icon on the StreamGaGa home screen.
  3. Log in to Amazon. Then, navigate to the page of the series you want to download.
  4. Upon visiting the viewing page of a video, the download screen will automatically appear. You can set subtitles if needed, select the episodes you wish to download, and click ‘Download Now.’ The ‘Select All’ option allows for batch downloading.

This is the process for batch downloading a series from Amazon Prime Video using StreamGaGa.


This article summarized the recommended ranking of sci-fi dramas and their download methods. Sci-fi dramas, with their settings in futures, space, and alternate worlds, are a genre that stimulates the imagination. The recommended ranking is as follows:

– 10th: Black Mirror

– 9th: Westworld

– 8th: Stranger Things

– 7th: Dark

– 6th: The Boys

– 5th: LOST

– 4th: Breaking Bad

– 3rd: Game of Thrones

– 2nd: Doctor Who

– 1st: The Expanse

This concludes the article on the recommended ranking of sci-fi dramas and methods for downloading them. For those interested in sci-fi dramas, this is an excellent opportunity to explore these series. I hope this article has been helpful. Thank you.