When it comes to app development, there are two ways to go about it. You can do it in-house or outsource the project. While developing your app in-house gives you better project control, the downsides, which include prohibitive upfront costs of acquiring infrastructure and trained staff, are, in many cases, not worth it.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, saves you money and time while ensuring you get a superior application. That’s because app development platforms already have the infrastructure, qualified and experienced staff, and relevant licensing to handle your project.

That said, app development services are available in various pricing packages, depending on your needs. And, with each package, there are features you will have access to. So, let’s look at what you can expect from each of our app pricing plans:

Community Plan

This is the basic, free package and essentially gives you access to 500 registered app users. That is, people who have signed up to test your application. You also get access to unlimited team members, a staging server, community support, the Public Github repository for your code, and 10,000 rows of data storage.

Under this free plan, you can build all kinds of web, mobile, and community apps with Node, Django, React, Rails, or React Native. In addition, you get free templates and a free subdomain, and you can publish your app on Heroku.

Pro Plan

The professional package is the first of the paid development subscriptions. And it includes everything you get in the community plan, plus additional features. The most notable being an upgrade to 10,000 registered users for your app, access to Github private repository, staging and production servers, betas and app store access, expert support through phone, email, and slack, daily backups for your code, and 10 million rows of data storage.

As for hosting, this subscription comes with a custom domain, SSL Certificate (HTTPS), and analytics. You can publish your app on a variety of platforms, too, including Heroku, iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

Advanced Plan

Moving up to the advanced package gives you access to even more premium features. So, in addition to what you get in the Pro plan, the advanced package gives you access to unlimited users, prebuilt templates for all types of apps, Github and Gitlab repositories, SLA, and the app marketplace. At this level, you also get two additional publishing platforms, Azure and Alicloud.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is the most premium app development subscription we have. At this app pricing point, the service is highly customized to include custom languages, application scaffolds, servers, SLA, domain, and branding. The plan essentially features individual, one-on-one service depending on your enterprise needs. And so, the pricing is discussed, and custom set depending on the services you require.

Choose Your App Pricing Depending on What You Need for Your App Development

If you want to develop an app, outsourcing key services from an app development platform can make your work much easier and faster. Remember, the faster you can go to market, the lower your overheads will be. Lucky for you, app development services are available at various price points, and you can pick what works for you depending on your budget as well as the features you need.