We are living in the age of technology. New inventions revolutionize different places in our life – from medical facilities to our houses. It is thus no wonder, that technology is capable of affecting our workplace as well. With the development of IoT – Internet of Things – smart offices are becoming a standard. But what are smart offices, and what are their advantages? Read this article to find out.

What is an IoT smart office?

An IoT smart office is a workplace that uses smart devices to raise productivity, make management easier and increase the comfort of the employees. The most common smart devices used in offices at the moment are smart lights – these which turn off when nobody is in the room. However, there are many more IoT devices that can help you build a smart environment.

For instance, smart trash bins may help your workers save time on recycling. High-tech time-tracking devices will allow you to analyze the complete data of how your employees work. Scanning systems might provide you with data on when your employees arrive and leave work, to verify whether they work long enough, but not too long. There is a plethora of IoT options to choose from to make your office smart and more efficient.

What are the benefits of having a smart office?

Switching to an IoT smart office may come with many advantages. Their type and number depend on what devices are used in your workplace. Here are some of the most remarkable benefits of installing IoT in your smart office:

  • Simplified clocking in/out – using smart solutions results in fewer non-work-related tasks for your workers. Have you ever considered how much time it takes every month for your workers to clock in and out? This time might be saved and spent productively by implementing automatic clocking in/out systems.
  • Decreased energy usage – installing smart lighting and smart plugs might significantly reduce your office’s energy consumption, and thus the electricity bills. It’s always good to pay a little bit less, isn’t it?
  • Increased productivity – a key feature of smart offices is gamification. When done in the right way, gamification can boost your employees’ productivity significantly. And with the help of IoT devices, you will be able to put gamification strategies into life, thus accelerating your employees’ progress.
  • Better customization – smart thermostats may allow your workers to set the proper temperature for them in a meeting room. Lights with customizable intensity allow them to dim the lights as they want. Smart plugs might let them microwave their lunch while still working and have more time during their break to relax. By using IoT devices, customization in an office is finally possible.

The takeaway

IoT smart offices are the workspaces of the future. They allow your company to increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and increase the overall happiness of your employees. There are many smart devices available that might have an impact on your office – it is up to you to choose the best ones for your business.