One of the recent great news from the tech world is the announcement of an upcoming ChatGPT-driven smart home voice assistance., a San Francisco-based AI company known for making voice-controlled home assistants, has started working on a prototype home voice assistant using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

ChatGPT uses Natural Language Processing or NLP technology to understand human languages and respond like humans. Alex Capecelatro, the co-founder of, said they are excited to be working on bringing out the best of and ChatGPT together to create something truly remarkable.

He also said it would be a combination of the strengths of and ChatGPT. They are working towards creating and delivering an AI experience to revolutionize how people interact with their smart home assistants and manage their homes.

There’s little information about the product. But it will be able to control various aspects of your home, including temperature, lighting, security, smart appliances, etc. You can also ask it to read a story or update you about the news and weather.

Also, this innovative home system will be more intuitive and natural in responding to complex personalized questions and having a vague conversation with you. This ChatGPT-driven smart home voice assistant is expected to release soon and will undoubtedly revolutionize the industry.