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How to Back Up Your Gmail Data


You might be changing jobs, or you might want a backup of all the emails just in case. Whatever the case may be, using Google’s Takeout function to back up and also export Gmail as well as other similar Google accounts is an excellent idea. In fact, you may set the accounts to back up automatically and regularly, which is a good idea in general.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re backing up a corporate account, you might find out that Takeout has been deactivated. There are third-party applications that claim to be able to back up Gmail, although you should check on your company’s policies first.

Guidelines for backing up the Gmail account are as follows:

  • Log in to the Google account by visiting the following address myaccount.google.com.

  • Select “Manage your data & personalization” from the Privacy & personalization section.

  • Go to the section: Download or delete data that is found at the bottom of the page. To download your data, click “Download your data” from a drop-down menu.

  • After you click on the link, you are going to be taken to a Google Takeout site page. Firstly, pick “Deselect all” at the page’s top if you simply want to get your Gmail account information.

  • Move down to the section of “Select data to include” and ensure you check the box which is found next to the “Mail” (and also all other applications you may desire to back up).

  • You’ll notice two buttons once it’s checked. The one labeled “Multiple formats” should be clicked to view the format(s) in which the data will be downloaded. The other option will most likely be titled “All mail data included”; select that option if you simply wish to download selected categories.


  • Scroll down and select “Next step” from the drop-down menu.

  • To see your data delivery options, click on the arrow beside “Delivery method,” which comprises emailing a link to download or storing it to a Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box account, among other services.

  • You can also select whether you want to export once or every 2 months (for a maximum period of one year), as well as the file format and maximum file size. (If the file’s size surpasses your limit, it is going to be divided into several smaller files; files that are larger than 2GB (gigabyte) will be compressed using the zip64 format.) Click “Create export” once you’ve finished making your selections.

  • The export will now begin. Be patient; it could take days to finish. You can either select “Cancel export” or “Create another export” from the drop-down menu.

Google Made a Smart Lamp That You Need to Check Out


If you are searching for a Google Assistant-activated smart light, 9to5Google reports that Google has created one, but it’s only for Google employees. dLight is a lamp designed by Ben Gold, a Google designer, who tweeted a lamp’s photo, which he referred to as the dLight, and stated that it “will almost certainly never be offered for purchase by the general public.”

The ultra-modern lamp has a circular base and a skinny pole with a cylinder light, and its own bright white color is almost as if it came from an Apple store. According to Gold, you may rotate the light into various positions, such as downwards toward your work or your face for video interactions. The device also contains several lighting presets and the option to adjust the light’s temperature.

The FCC papers imply Internet access and adaptability for Google Assistant because the lamp’s label bears the “Hey Google” logo engraved on it. The presence of a USB-C connector is not visible in any of the photos, but Gold maintains that it is included and that it receives updates over the air.

Unfortunately, those of us who are not Google workers won’t have the opportunity to buy the dLight. The company has already made a product for its employees, as 9to5Google points out: in 2017, the company issued a pair of over-the-ear headphones that were branded with the Google logo on them.

According to Gold, Google personnel in the United States can receive the dLight for free as a portion of the company’s attempts to enhance the work-from-home experience. However, the device is currently on backorder due to high demand. Google employees who were unable to work as a consequence of the epidemic are still not required to return to their jobs.

Throughout the pandemic, the firm’s return-to-work arrangements were modified on a number of occasions. When the delta version became a major issue in August, we heard that the firm planned to keep in-office employment voluntary till at least 10th January 2022. That strategy differed from a prior one announced in December 2020, which called for employees to return in September.

Farewell 5G – Here’s How the US is Going to Become a 6G Superpower


In order to promote North American dominance in the emerging field of 6G technology, a working group was formed to put out a strategy for the sector, which includes six “audacious” goals that can assist the industry to achieve its objective.

For the mobile industry, the development and deployment of 6G are being heralded as a “trillion-dollar prospect.” For many governments throughout the world, maintaining technological leadership will be a political issue.

Research activities are already underway in North America, Europe, China, and Japan, in order to establish themselves as leaders, not only in the development of 5G applications and services but also in the development of technologies that will become global standards.

North American dominance in the 6G era

From a geopolitical standpoint, as mobile communication becomes increasingly important to society and the economy, any influence on global standards becomes increasingly vital.

Following its founding last year, the “Next G Alliance,”whichcomprises more than 80 groups and 600 experts from academia, business, and the government has issued its first significant item, the ‘Roadmap to 6G,’ which is available for download.

A schedule for managing commercialization, research, and adoption projects is also included in the plan, which specifies the steps that all stakeholders must take in preparation for North America to possess the best possible opportunity of achieving technical superiority in the future.

The group’s primary aims include the promotion of security, trust, and resilience, enhanced digital world interaction, cost efficiencies throughout the entire mobile infrastructure, an AI native future network, distributed cloud, and communications systems, and sustainability.

In a statement released by Susan Miller, CEO, and president of the Association for Telecommunications Industry Standards (ATIS), which manages the Next G Alliance, said: “This report will guarantee that North America quickly and effectively aligns all essential sectors crucial to 6G success, setting the stage for North American world leadership.” Apart from its technological accomplishments, the roadmap highlights how 6G may benefit society and businesses across a broad variety of industries – and how North America will emerge as the center of innovation-driven expansion in the economy throughout this new age of wireless.”

Although it is too soon to predict the 6G standard’s final form or which technologies will be included, there are some plausible predictions regarding its capabilities and the challenges that manufacturers, operators, and researchers will face.

6G networks are going to, of course, provide major gains in speed, low latency, and capacity, as well as being significantly more intelligent and reliable. This will enable sophisticated services,likefully immersive extended reality (XR), mobile holograms that are of high-fidelity, and digital twins, as well as strengthened mobile broadband.

The ability of 6G to overcome present limitations – such as mobile units’ limited processing capability – and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the network is going to be critical to these applications.

If the most ambitious dreams are realized, 6G would have 100-fold the 5G capacity and will be able to manage 10 million gadgets for every square kilometer.

Signals would reach 10,000 meters above and belowthe surface, providing “3D coverage” in space, air, and beneath the water. With these capabilities, edge computing, positioning, intelligent sensing, and high-definition images would be achievable.

Microsoft Teams Reduce Distraction a Lot More With New Features


Microsoft Teams has become quite a popular platform for those working from home. Millions of people are using the platform, which leads Microsoft to make constant developments to it. They have brought in some new features to the platform for reducing all kinds of distractions.

They are bringing in a new update where your face will be removed from the screen. This reduces the distraction people may have while conducting meetings or working. It can be a bit awkward to see your face while you are speaking about something.

The plan gives you the option to hide or show your video in a team meeting. You can also have the opportunity to adjust the video, so it’s not covering any part of your presentation. With the toggle functionality, you can adjust the video in different ways to adjust to it your work environment.

This suggestion came from a user in their feedback portal. They explained that the application’s self-view is static and stays in the same place. This causes some distractions here and there. They also stated that it sometimes comes in sharing the screen for presentation.

In response to that, Microsoft came up with their statement that their team is working on solving these issues. With the newer updates to the platform, they will try to implement the option to turn off the video mirror feature.

They are saying this new feature update may roll out in either December 2021 or January 2022. Their official roadmap to the update says that they are bringing in the feature that gives users the option to hide their video during the meeting, to make it less distracting. At the same time, the video will still be available to other participants in the meeting.

They are also adding another feature that allows users to use the third-party app through Microsoft Teams web. This feature gives you the option to manually approve any kind of information source, like camera, location, or microphone for any third-party app that you may be using through Teams.

However, they haven’t said when they will release this feature on their Team web version. This is already available to the desktop and mobile versions, though. According to their roadmap, the probable time for dropping this update is around February 2022.

They are also working on bringing in multi-camera support. But this will be available only to selected devices with Microsoft Teams’ rooms.

Manchin is Unwilling to Accept the Social Policy Bill; Democrats May Start Punting to 2022


Democrats decided to delay the $2.2 trillion Social Policy Bill that President Joe Biden presented in a private concession. Things didn’t go too well in negotiations as West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin, sputtered.

Private conversations between Manchin and Biden didn’t lead to anything worthwhile as the White House officials stated that they failed to resolve vital differences. Also, Democrats leading the charge haven’t completed working on that multifaceted social safety net. Along with that, they are yet to finish the climate and tax package as well.

While many White House aides are still optimistic about the bill passing next year, they are a bit frustrated with the pace of things. Even before the conversation between Manchin and Biden, the administration officials were confident about the agreement being close. But the conversation failed to bring any kind of breakthrough to the situation.

A few administration officials feel that the legislation passed by the House this year will probably slip into place in the upcoming year of 2022. They are predicting it to be around spring.

Party leaders have been backing away quietly from the Christmas deadline, even though the final decisions haven’t come out yet. Democrats were even weighing on prioritizing the legislation for voting rights that the Republican opposition has been stalling on for so long.

But due to the delay in passing the Social Policy Bill, the liberal Democrats became frustrated. They were also aware of the centrist Democrats dashing their ambitions after they shepherded through the bipartisan infrastructure measure.

This is a scenario that a lot of Democrats wanted to avoid, as the result of that could lead to them coming up empty-handed. On the other side, where Republicans united opposing the package, Democrats are having a hard time moving forward in the Senate as they don’t get the support from all the lawmakers who are caucusing with them.

In the brief on Manchin and Biden’s conversation, it came out that the senator proposed eliminating any kind of expanded payment. This can jeopardize any support they are hoping for, from other liberal Democrats.

Whether It’s To Carry Your Baby or Your Drinks, the Hyundai Robot CanDo It All


As time passes, we are making our lives a lot easier through various inventions. The robot from Hyundai is a prime example of that. It’s. essentially, a robot that works as your servant, carrying things for you.

Diving deep into this, you get to see a large tray with some wheels attached to it. Sound pretty simple. Well, there are lots of things going on with the robot. It’s called MobED, by the way. This is the short form for Mobile Eccentric Droid.

The robot’s main function is to carry stuff for you; how you use it is up to you. Now, this is what makes this robot so hyped. In Hyundai’s example, they showed that the robot is carrying a baby stroller at one point, and in another case, it’s carrying a pyramid of glasses full of cocktails!

This robot weighs around 50kg and has dimensions of 67cm length, 60cm width, and 33cm height. So, it doesn’t take a lot of space, but it can be a bit heavy. Having said that, it comes with a set of wheels that go quite fast.

Hyundai is said to launch the MobED at the CES happening next year, which is planned to be around January 2022.

Amazon Cloud Unit Faces Brief Outage that Affects Third-Party Services and Recovers From It


Amazon faced a temporary outage in the cloud unit of their web service. This affected the Internet connection in two different regions of the West Coast in the United States.

They overcame the adversities and recovered from that outage pretty quickly. The affected areas were Northern California and Oregon.

The Amazon Web service supports various online infrastructure companies, including Netflix.

Due to the outage and Netflix, other services like Slack, Ring, and DoorDash were also not up and running. This is a clear indication of the outage being widely spread across various services.

The official Twitter page of Twitch tweeted out that the problem had been resolved, and people could once again access the services in the affected areas. Since Twitchis a huge platform for all content creators, an outage can have a greatimpact on their work.

Aside from this outage, Amazon has experienced a total of 27 outages in their past 12 months of service in the United States. This may have brought up some concerns among the users. They are constantly worried about whether the benefits will go down once again or not.

Will Digital Crown beReplaced on Apple Watch 8?


People prefer innovations and advancements and so does Apple. Users have a huge expectation of the upcoming Apple Watch 8.

Some rumors said there might be no Digital Crown on the Apple Watch 8. Apple is working on developing optical sensors.

The optical sensors will be a game-changer for Apple users. They’ve been using the physical Crown from 2015 to now. Generally, the digital Crown allows users to navigate different functions without touching the screen.

Instead of physical contact, the optical sensors will allow wearers to control the watch functions through gestures.

So, it’s not hard to see Apple watch users are going to have newly designed watches in the future. It can even be the Apple Watch 8.

Removing the Physical Digital Crown will save some space for watches. This means a larger battery can be used. So, wearers can wear watches for an extended time.

However, there’s no 100% guarantee this will be an actual design for their watches. This can be far better. Or they may retain their patent designs.

But Apple is well known for its extensive research. They explore new ways to make their products markedly better.

The giant company has done annual incremental upgrades seven times since 2015. That’s why Apple users have huge expectations, especially for exterior changes.

Apple Watch 8: What You Should Expect?

People may be expecting to see a newly-designed Apple Watch 8. But unofficial reports were indicating Apple isn’t replacing the Digital Crown so soon.

It may only happen after several years. One new improvement of the upcoming wearable could be an additional speaker grille.

Another new inclusion of the Apple Watch 8 may benew tracking technology. This feature can track your blood pressure, blood sugar, and alcohol levels. Special optical sensors will be used for this much-anticipated feature.

The diameter of the Apple Watch 8 might be larger than their last released model. It can be 50mm in size. However, this will be too big for wrists. Their 45 mm watches are already suitably enormous.


Whatever new features and designs Apple will include in their flagship watches; the giant company is going bring a new revolution to their watches in the future.

How to Give Robux to People


If you are an online game enthusiast, then Roblox is no stranger to you. Roblox is an online platform that allows gamers across the world to play games created by other members or to create their own online video games.

How to Give Robux to People

Also, members who join the platform’s Builder Club can create items like t-shirts and shirts to sell. When you buy items from your Roblox friends, you will be donating Robux to them. Your friends can then use Robux to buy other items or advertise on the site.

To make this transaction possible, your friend sending the item needs to have Builder Club membership. However, you don’t need to have BC membership to donate Robux. Ask the person you want to donate to, what they have for sale, and make note of the items’ names.

Best Ways to Give Robux to People or Friends


Now, follow these steps to give Robux to a friend in the Roblox game.

  1. First, you need to login to your Roblox account, by inputting your username and password.
  2. Then, go to the blue navigation bar and locate the Catalog Click on it.
  3. On the Roblox catalog, search option, enter the user’s name and the list of the donated items. Once done, click on the Search
  4. Click on the desired clothing items from the search results. Usually, the name of the title is determined by the manufacturer of the clothing item.
  5. Once you have the desired products, locate the “Buy with R $” option, and click on it. This way, you will purchase the item and give Robux to your friend with ease.

 How to Donate Robux in a Group with Builder Club (BC) Membership

If your friends are already members of the BC, then donating Robux to them is extremely easy. You simply need to ask them to buy a T-shirt and the likes, and then they can get 70% profit in form of Robux. 30% market tax will be charged for all sold items.

To do this transaction, you can form a new group, which requires you to pay 100 Robux. After creating the group, go shopping in the group. You can then donate the group’s Robux to others through the group admin menu.

Donating to a Group with no BC Membership

If no person in the group has BC membership, you can achieve the donation process by reaching out to a third party. The third party should have BC membership and also have a group.

Let the friend you are donating to join the group. To add Robux to the group money, purchase the group items. Then, ask the group owner to make payment to the friend you want to donate to.

Donating to a Friend with no Builder Club Membership

Although possible, giving Robux to a friend who has no BC membership can be a bit difficult. To complete this process, you will need a third party. Just ask a group admin to add your friend. After selling a T-shirt or any other clothing item, ask the group admin to shift these commodities to your friend’s account.

Sell a Game Pass

Selling a game pass is another way to give Robux to your friend. This process is a bit tricky since you won’t keep most of the money acquired during the transactions.


You don’t need to have a Builder Club account to buy different items on Roblox for your friends. You can use any of the above methods to send them donations. Just ensure that they have enabled the Roblox UGC catalog feature.

How To Locate an FTP Server using Angry IP Scanner


A port scanner is a tool that scans a server for open ports, and a port weeping is the act of scanning a range of IP addresses for a specific “listening” port number. This can be a useful way of locating certain types of servers, such as FTP servers, for example.

If you are aware of the existence of an FTP server on a certain IP range, but do not know the exact address, Angry IP Scanner can be used to fill in the blanks by scanning that range of addresses within a very short space of time.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Access the related download link for this article and grab the executable launcher for Angry IP Scanner. The program requires no installation and is run simply by executing the file ip_scan.exe. Once the tiny download has completed, access your downloads folder and run this file to start Angry IP Scanner. The small application window appears after a brief pause.
  • Note the IP Range field is pre-populated with your own internal network address when Angry IP Scanner first launches (this probably starts with 192.168). In this field, enter the starting address of the IP address range you want to scan, for example,
  • In the “to” field, enter the ending address of the IP range, e.g. This means all the possible IP addresses between and will be scanned for the port number you specify.
  • Click Tools and Preferences. In the Scanning tab, set the Delay to 20ms and the maximum number of threads to 10000.
  • In the Ports tab, enter 21 in the port selection tab (21 is the default port number for FTP servers).
  • In the Display tab, select Hosts with open ports only. Click OK to close the preferences window.
  • Click Start to begin scanning the specified range of IP addresses. After a short time (which depends on the size of the IP range), a list of results is displayed. These IP addresses all contain the open port number you specified.

Tips & Advice

  • Once the list of IP addresses is displayed, you can use the built in FTP feature of Angry IP Scanner to browse one of the servers. Right-click any address and choose Open then FTP. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password (if the server has security).
  • Never use Angry IP Scanner to detect the IP addresses of FTP servers you have not been granted access to, as this is illegal in most countries.