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Python Interpreter/Compiler 3.3.3

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java.

Seamonkey 2.22 Beta 1

SeaMonkey is an open-source Mozilla suite.

CD2Browse 1.05

CD2Browse allows you to easily create browseable HTML-based menus from ordinary directory structures, and publish these menus on CDs or any other media.

Mext 1.14

Text editor that is designed for writing programs helps, drawing up technical documentation, creating webpages. The editor is focused on drawing up documents, where strict conformity of data blocks (text, images, tables) with certain styles is important. It is not a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get).

ImpressCMS 1.3.4

ImpressCMS is a community developed Content Management System. With this tool maintaining the content of a website becomes as easy as writing a word document.

Codelobster PHP Edition 4.2.1

Codelobster is a free PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript editor (IDE) with support for Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Smarty engine, JQuery library, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, Facebook and WordPress.

PHP-Fusion 7.02.05

PHP-Fusion is an easy to handle Content Management System with lots of increments, just right for clans and clubs. It is continuously being improved by the large international community.

Fresh HTML 3.68

Fresh HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a tool for webmasters to create pages for the world wide web.

Amaya 11.4.4

Amaya is a powerful web editor.

SeaMonkey 2.5

SeaMonkey, Mozilla'nın yeni açık kaynak kodlu setinin adıdır. Bu setin içinde tarayıcı,email okuyucu,web editörü ve chat programı bulunmaktadır.

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WebSite X5 Evolution 10 Indir

Editörün oyu:
Kullanıcı oyları:
İndirilme sayısı:
Eklenme tarihi:
Mart 19, 2013
Trial version with no time limit. Allows you to create 5 pages or levels max without the ability to upload files.
İşletim sistemi:
Win XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
256MB RAM, Internet connection and e-mail account for product activation.
Dosya boyu:
Kontrol toplamı:
EUR 69,99

WebSite X5 Evolution İndir bilgileri

Website X5
WebSite X5 Evolution 10 is arguably the most versatile and complete solution you'll find on the web, for creating functional, eye-catching, clean, elegant, and professional websites, blogs and online stores.

You can start just now to build your website, blog or online stores, with WebSite X5 in 5 easy steps.
The WebSite X5 interface is neatly laid out and easy to understand because the vendor has designed it with the beginner user in mind. WebSite X5 is designed to work like a wizard, visually guiding you through the steps to create and publish a complete, functional and professional website.

Empowered with WebSite X5 you can easily understand how website, online shops and blogs are created, with no programming experience required.

WebSite X5 is already Microsoft Vista and MS Office 2007–ready, importing data from MS Word and MS Excel. With the built-in FTP Manager, uploading and maintaining a website could not be easier.

WebSite X5’s templates design the page - all you need to do is drag and drop objects to create pages.

What’s improved with WebSite X5 10:
The improvements made with WebSite X5 v10 are focused on giving users exactly what they asked for. To state it simply, WebSite X5 is easier-to-use with every new version, more powerful and more reliable. You are invited to discover the complete transition to HTML5. Your websites will be compatible with all Browsers, Operating Systems and Mobile devices.
Not only are websites created with WebSite X5 version 10 navigable on mobile devices, but they also offer full Touch technology support, so you can enlarge photos, flick through a gallery or start a video with your finger. Also the newest version it's quicker to load, the graphic interface has been simplified, and bundled with new libraries. The key to WebSite X5's success is the ease with which even the most complicated tasks can be handled. Your own Domain name and email are included in the Webhosting Pack, with a lot of options.

A Website in 5 Steps:
The WebSite X5 secret is that no programming skills are required, and it has an intuitive fully-visual interface. You can check your work as you go with the previews, always available and updated in real time.
WebSite X5 gives tips and advice at every step and guarantees simplicity of use, flexibility and maximum customization at all times.
Empowered with many new features, all you need to do is to use your imagination, and you will achieve what you desire.

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