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Diablo 3 Descarca

Rating-ul redacţiei
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Data adăugării
Mai 31, 2012
Versiune completă
Sistem de operare
A blizzard battle net account is required to download this software.
Mărime fişier:

GBP 52

Diablo 3 Descriere

The fire falls from the sky no more: on the 15th of may 2012 Diablo 3 was released and Hell was unleashed on sanctuary once more, with the defeat of the prime evils 20 years earlier the lesser evils Belial (lord of lies) and Azmodan (lord of sin) are hell bent on whacking havoc.

With Diablo (lord of terror), Baal (lord of destruction), and Mephisto (lord of hatred) trapped in the soulstone. The heroes of sanctuary set out once again to save the world and restore order. With 5 classes to choose from, barbarian, monk, wizard,demon hunter, and witch doctor there is a class to suit everyone taste in this fast paced hack'em and slash'em game.

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Review-ul redacţiei

Diablo 3 was one of the most anticipated games of 2012 but has the game lived up to the expectations of the fans? Diablo 3 is your classic hack'em and slash'em game done very much in the same way that the previous installments were created, however the design and development team were completely different. This did not stop the development team from creating what really is one of the best games in years.

Caution: may contain Spoilers.

The Storyline in Diablo 3 follows on 20 years after Diablo was first trapped in the soul-stone and where he has ambuscade since. The story and lore from Diablo 2 has been explicated very well. The game begins with our hero setting out to investigate a fallen star which struck the cursed Tristram cathedral. You as the hero must go to the cathedral and seek the fallen star but only once you have rescued Deckard Cain who has been trapped in the cathedral by the skeleton king.

The story expands over 4 acts: some old friends are lost, others join the fight to take up the arms against the forces of Diablo. As the story progresses the tail takes some good and bad twist and introduces the lesser evils Belial and Azmodan. There is so much lore added to the game divulging many a good tail behind the characters in the game. The overall storyline to the game is somewhat shocking to discover the fate of some of the main characters blizzards has done really well and many people who played D2 never really “stayed a while and listened” but D3 has many of the fans reading and looking for all the details to the story they can find and many are wanting more as there is a lot of unanswered question which is begging for an expansion.

The game play of Diablo 3 is exactly what the fans wanted a good tactical hack 'em and slash 'em with a nice customizability to the way the characters can be played. The game has 4 difficulty settings Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and inferno. Each difficulty level must be completed before you can progress to the next. This offers a good way for the new players to the Diablo games to get used to the style of the game and give a good opportunity to learn the class you are playing before experiencing the challenging modes of hell and inferno. Diablo 3 is a fast paced game and in the later difficulty modes you will be required to be quick thinking and adjust your attacks/spells to each situation. There are 5 different classes in which you can play 3 ranged classes and 2 melee classes. There are also 3 different followers you can have to accompany you on your quest to slay Diablo and the lords of hell, each can be customized to help aid you. The game play overall is very solid and has kept very closely to the original Diablo games.

The graphics of the game are pretty much the classic cartoon graphics we see in Blizzard games the animation for each class has been done very well and the visualization of the backgrounds when the game is played at full setting is stunning. The game looks nice on all setting even on the lower setting blizzard has made this so versatile with the system specifications needed that many of the lower end systems can play Diablo 3.

The goodies Diablo 3 is about three things: item drops, getting the gear and searching out those elusive items. Blizzard has done this very well once again but the way in which they have done this has brought many players after a few weeks of playing to not have the strong desire to play they had when the game was first released. The items drop based on Random number generated variables and this means players will need to spend months if not years grinding for the items they are looking for. This is what made Diablo 2 such a huge success and kept the hardcore fans playing for years and years. Many will also remember the infamous cow level; well there is no cow level this time but there is another level of the same significance but in order to enter this level you will need 5 objects which are scattered around the world of Sanctuary.

Diablo 3 offered gamers exactly what they wanted Blizzard have done really well with this game and although many gamers are complaining the game is having some issue either via the login system as blizzard made the game purely online only, this meant once a week the servers would be taken offline for maintenance. This had led to a call from a large number of people asking for an offline version. This however seem unlikely this will ever happen for a number of reason. One the game was design from the ground up to be played via the Battle.net servers and second Blizzard wanted to have more control over the items and how they are created, thus keeping the amount of duplicated items to a minimum.

The other major complaint about the game is the difficulty, Blizzards latest stats show only 1% of the active players have reached inferno and many of those who have said the game is too hard, once again blizzard have this right. The first two difficulties normal and nightmare, are the beginner levels and even though they are easy to the more advance gamer for many this is a nice level of play . Hell difficulty offers a more challenging experience and as blizzard have stated you will need to farm gear in order to progress, but if you have saved up some gold you can use the auction house to acquire upgrade to save some time and make the level a bit more manageable. Then we come to the final difficulty inferno Blizzard made this so that there was a real challenge even for the most veteran of gamers and this has proven so, with many players who like single player mode claiming that inferno is near impossible to beat.There are a select few who have managed to beat the game even on this challenging level of play. Overall, Diablo 3 is one of the best games for a long time, there are still a fair few bugs for Blizzard to sort out and with the soon to be introduction of the PVP aspect of the game this will make the game complete and give the game a long lasting experience for those hardcore Diablo fans.

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