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Tunngle is a revolutionary peer to peer VPN solution that allows online gaming via simulated LAN networks.

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Tunngle Pobierz

Ocena redakcji:
Ocena użytkownika
brak ocen
Autor: GmbH
Data dodania
Styczeń 24, 2014
System operacyjny
Win XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Rozmiar pliku:
Suma kontrolna

Tunngle Download Info

Tunngle free download
Tunngle is a revolutionary peer to peer VPN solution that allows online gaming via simulated LAN networks.

Skip the troubleshooting work and focus on the entertainment. Tunngle virtual networks are the ideal place to play PC games with your friends over the internet, while enjoying all the commodities of a Local Area Network party.

Making new friends is easy: enjoy some relaxed talk in the Tunngle lobby or jump into some game network and start playing. Having fun together is always the best way to make new friends.
Of course, if you love discretion, you can also enjoy private direct chats with your friends after or before playing some game. Safely share your personal files with your friends using Tunngle Shares. You can choose what and to whom. You will always be in control of the sharing permissions (read, write or none).

Tunngle uses its own protocol for the file transfers and protects your computer by actively blocking the Windows file transfer ports. You will be the only one that decides what is to be shared and what is not. Tunngle connections are anonymous and highly encrypted allowing the secure usage of all the provided services. Nobody except for the recipient will be able to see the type and the contents of your connections.

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Recenzja redakcji

Tunngle is a P2P gaming application for windows, the concept is simple play your favourite games against other over the Tunngle network.

The setup is easy with a few clicks you can setup Tunngle and with the option to setup the desktop gadget makes joining games easy. The most byzantine option is the setting up of a private network but even this is done with a few details entered in the required fields.

An account is required in order to use Tunngle this can be done via the Tunngle web site which is linked from within the program so within minutes you can be playing your favourite games online with friends and other gamers.

The gadget is a nice add on to the Software with quick find, quick join, and search option makes it even easier to join games.

Another nice feature of the software include an event calendar where all members of the  community can arrange events for others to join, this helps to bring the community in touch with each other better.

So how well do the games play via the Tunngle network, we found many games to work relatively well, however we also experienced some sluggishness when browsing the categories but this happen only an exiguous amount of the time.

The games themselves will depend on your connection speeds and many games had some connection issues when connect to other players networks, but generally there were little problems.

Overall this is fast becoming a rival to the many other pieces of software in this genre, with a constantly growing online community Tunngle looks like it will be around for many years to come. Give it a try as an alternative to the others games P2P software on the market, we feel you will not be disappointed.

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