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Java Runtime Environment (64-Bit) 7.0 Update 51

Java Runtime Environment is essential for every tool programmed in Java.

Rename Master 3.0.9

Rename Master is a free tool for renaming a large number of files.

Dummy File Generator

The Dummy File Generator is a tiny programm to create dummy files within a few clicks. It requires no installation!

Recovery Toolbox for CD Free 2.0.0

Recovery Toolbox for CD Free provides free service of data recovery, stored on DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and other optical discs.

Recovery Toolbox for Flash 2.0.0

Recovery Toolbox for Flash is an efficient software solution against the corruption of flash drives that use the FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 file system.

ZoomIt 4.42

ZoomIt is a free mini-tool with which you can acces your desktop with a magnifying glass.

Hotkey Manager 1.20

Ever wanted to setup personal shortcuts for often used tasks to be globally available in all open programs? With this small freeware program you can do just that.

Bochs 2.6

Bochs is a very flexible Open Source PC emulator compatible to all common platforms.

Growl 2.0

Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X: it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications.

Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 5 10.5u5

The only way to install Java Runtime Environment on Mac OS X 10.5.8 or beyond is to use this Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 5 installer.

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Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 32-Bit Pobierz

Ocena redakcji:
Ocena użytkownika
brak ocen
Data dodania
Marzec 30, 2007
Pełna wersja
System operacyjny
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2003 Server
Rozmiar pliku:
Suma kontrolna

Microsoft Virtual PC Download Info

Virtual PC free download
Microsoft Virtual PC is a visualisation software.

Virtual PC is a software which lets you visualise what is happening on different Operating Systems on the host system.  This allows software to be tested without it needing to be installed on the host system itself.  Instead a 'guest' system is created to allow the testing to be undertaken.  Resorting back to the original system is always possible if needed.
An easy to use interface means that Virtual PC can be used quickly and easily to configure a guest system on your host.


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Strona producenta

Recenzja redakcji

Microsoft virtual PC 2007 allows you to emulate a pc and install any operating system you wish.

I have seen many emulators over the years and know only too well that they can be both easy and simple to use and complex and require vast knowledge in order to get them to work at their full potential.

Since the release of windows vista many of the older programs I used to enjoy would no longer run under vista and even fewer runs under windows 7. So when I found Virtual pc 2007 I Asked myself can this be a viable option?

I have seen many failed attempts to emulate the PC over the years and I was not expecting too much of this one. The set up is relatively simple you are required to have a fully activated version of windows 7 professional or higher. The process took about 5 minutes to download and set up the checks Microsoft wanted to do before I was able to have access to the software. This was not a problem.

After the installation of virtual pc was completed, there was several things I was required to do before I had my virtual pc this included creating a virtual Hard drive and setting up the type of virtual pc I wanted.

This was quick and simple, once I had done I had a standard pc with everything that was needed. I had given the pc 2 gig of ram ( this can be determined during the initial Virtual pc creation and depends on the amount of system ram you have physically), and a 13 gigabyte hard drive.

You can install any operating system you choose. All you need is the installation disks.

For me the only draw back for this program was that the system was not Direct x 3D compatible so the software became limited. This is due to the low level of emulation of a graphics card and i found no way to update this.
Overall a decent piece of software and one of the best I have seen.

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