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xShredder is designed to help your Sensitive Data to destroy permanently.

FBackup 5.0.389

FBackup - a free program that protects your important data with automatic backup for any USB / Firewire drive, local or network drive.

RogueKiller 8.8.9

RogueKiller is an anti-malware program written in C++ and able to detect and remove generic malwares and some advanced threats such as rootkits, rogues, worms etc.

AdwCleaner 3.020

AdwCleaner is a free tool which enables you to delete annyoning Adware, toolbars and other nuisances from your computer.


Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2013 Free

"Backup & Recovery Advanced Free" is a free backup program from software developer Paragon.

Crypter 1.2

The Download is good for people that want to save secure information. Or to transmit secure information to people via chat or email.

Free Hide IP

Hackers and identity thieves are becoming more and more rampant in today's society. They may break into anyone's computer and monitor one's activity or steal one's identity or other personal information.

Dropbox for Mac OS 2.6.5

Dropbox for Mac OS allows you to upload up to 2 GBytes of data to a shared web folder.

Dropbox for Linux 2.4.10

Dropbox is able to create a virtual file folder in the net with a maximum of 2 GB.

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Hitman Pro Pobierz

Ocena redakcji:
Ocena użytkownika
brak ocen
Data dodania
Listopad 22, 2013
Free scanning but 30 day limit on infection removal
System operacyjny
Win XP/Windows Vista/Win 2000/Win 2003 Server/Win 2008 Server/Win XP Media Center Edition/Windows 7
5 MB free disk space; 32 bit (avaliable 64bit on producer homepage)
Rozmiar pliku:
Suma kontrolna

Hitman Pro Download Info

Hitman Pro Free Download
Hitman Pro 3  is a fast free to download all-in-one tool to locate, identify and remove viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other malware.

Hitman Pro 3 will quickly show if your PC is infected with malicious software.
Hitman Pro 3 uses innovative behavioral scan and cloud computing techniques to detect and remove potential malware threats with minimal impact on system performance.

Current AV software are all focused on signatures. This means AV vendors must first discover, analyze and define signatures for the thousands of new threats that appear every day. It takes days, or even weeks before your AV software has a solution against todays malware. Remember that some AV software may be updated every 2 hours, it doesn't mean these updates contain information on the new threat that infected your computer. And once your PC is infected, many AV software are unable to clean-up the infection because malware is often smarter (think about rootkits and advanced trojans like the new Rustock variants).

Hitman Pro 3 is different. it contains new technology, like the Behavioral Scan, to recognize malicious software immediately, even unknown threats - without installing active software on the computer or hassle users with pop-ups or questions.

The Hitman Pro 3 executable can be downloaded and run straight from a USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, local or network attached hard drive and will quickly reveal the presence of any malware.
It will scan your PC in just a few minutes and detect files that are potentially malware using a Behavioral Scan. The actual identification of these potential malware files is then immediately done on the Hitman Pro servers - the "Scan Cloud".

Thanks to the innovative Behavioral Scan and the multiple renowned security vendors in the Scan Cloud, the program is extremely fast, low on the use of system resources and has (above all) unsurpassed malware detection. It also remediates without prior knowledge of the infection. Hitman Pro 3 can be used in combination with any other security suite. Scanning your PC for malware with Hitman Pro 3 will always be free so if you already have a security suite on your PC, it is an ideal program to make sure your security suite has not missed anything.

To narzędzie zostało zasugerowane przez Thunder_Burn nie bierze odpowiedzialności za program umieszczony przez użytkownika. Upewnij się, że używając tego programu nie naruszasz ani nie łamiesz obowiązującego prawa. Jeśli uważasz, że program narusza lub łamie obowiązujące prawo nie używaj programu.


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Hitman pro 3 is a fast all in one tool to locate, identify and remove viruses,spyware,Trojans and rootkits from your computer.

Sometime even the best anti-virus software has trouble to detect and remove all those threats, this is where Hitman comes in to play. Hitman run on new technology which actively scans for behaviour rather than the threats themselves and can deal with them without the need to install active software or alert the user of the threats until after the threat is dealt with.

Even for those who have the latest anti-virus software with the latest definition files there are constant threats and this is where the 17€ a year is well worth it.

The software is An excellent addition to any anti-virus software and is downloadable in a 5meg file which can be used on a usb stick so no installation is required.

Overall this is a top notch program with ease of use and offers a high level of protection.

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