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Scrabble3D 3.1.1

Scrabble3D is a free game with the goal to place letters crossword like. Challenge your brain and play Scrabble3D!

Klest-crossword for Mac 1.2.3

Klest-crossword is designed for creating professional crossword puzzles with ease.

Klest-crossword (64-Bit) 1.0.0

Klest-crossword is designed for creating professional crossword puzzles with ease.

Warcaby 1.0.1 beta

Gra w warcaby z komputerem lub innym człowiekiem.

Klest-crossword 1.0.0

Klest-crossword to program pozwalający na tworzenie profesjonalnych krzyżówek.


The first game created from the ground up with UDK.

EnigmaPuzzle 1.0.1

Enigma Puzzle – a game as difficult as the Rubik's cube. This puzzle was invented by Douglas A. Engel and it consisted of two intersecting disks in a plastic holder. This is an adaptation for computers running on Windows OS.

Christmas Puzzle

Download this great match 3 game. Christmas Puzzle will keep you in the Christmas spirit this winter.

Frosty The Snowman Tetris

This is a free and fun Christmas version of the classic Tetris game.

Cultris II 1.1

Cultris II is a very fast Tetris®-clones! Train your reflexes in the single player challenge modes, enjoy a split-screen match with your friends or play over the Internet with the best of the best.

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Gry logiczne


1.0.1 beta


Gra w warcaby z komputerem lub innym człowiekiem. więcej

Ocena użytkownika brak ocen
Licencja: Freeware

MahJong Suite 2009


MahJong Suite

Poznaj Wschodnie rozkosze gry MahJong Suite. więcej

Ocena użytkownika 4.5 Star Rating
Licencja: Shareware




Komputerowa wersja gry Scrabble, znanej także jako Literaki. więcej

Ocena użytkownika brak ocen
Licencja: Freeware

Bridge Building Game


Bridge Building Game

Bridge Building Game jest rozrywkową pozycją dla każdego fana konstrukcji. więcej

Ocena użytkownika 4.5 Star Rating
Licencja: Freeware

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Yasminoku 0.25

Yasminoku is a free HTML variation of the famous Sodoku numbers game.

Sierpień 21, 2006

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Yasminuroban 0.68

Śmieszne gry i programy

In the free HTML game Yasminuroban, slide all your bottles into the correct places.

Sierpień 21, 2006

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StarLogo - The Next Generation Preview 3

Śmieszne gry i programy

With free StarLogo TNG from the Massachusetts Institut of Technology, move tortoises through a 3D world in this game.

Sierpień 01, 2006

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Marbles 1.0

Fancy a game of marbles every now and again?

Lipiec 18, 2006

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WinLems 1.0

Stare gry

WinLems to remake Lemmingów.

1 384
Lipiec 14, 2006

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Sudoku for Vista-Sidebar 1.0 Beta

Modyfikacje pulpitu / Widgety i gadżety

Play Sudoku from your Windows Vista sidebar.

Lipiec 03, 2006

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Balls Blocks and Mazes 0.3.1

An open source game which will leave your fingers smoking.

Czerwiec 23, 2006

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HangAroo 2.0

Save the Kangaroo from the rope by solving the hangman puzzle.

Czerwiec 22, 2006

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Sudoku Assistenten 2.0.2

Darmowy Sudoku Assistenten pozwala nie tylko na sprawdzenie się w popularnej azjatyckiej grze logicznej, ale także pozwala tworzyć własne zagadki.

Maj 26, 2006

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Rainbow Web 1.4

Save the Rainbow Kindom in this game.

Kwiecień 20, 2006

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Strange Attractors 1.2

Transport a space capsule across 50 action levels in Strange Attractors all with the spacebar or left mouseclick!

Kwiecień 07, 2006

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BOXit 2.0.1

BOXit is a free logic game for the quick play.

Kwiecień 04, 2006

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Moleculous 1.0

The free demo game Moleculous sets you in a world where fossil fuels are the only known sources of energy...and they will soon run out!

Marzec 30, 2006

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StoneAge 2 v1.1

Boulderdash-Clone StoneAge2 arrives shrouded in fun and mystery.

Styczeń 09, 2006

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Just Sudoku 1.0

Just Sudoku to darmowa, flashowa wersja znanej gry logicznej.

1 606
Styczeń 02, 2006

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WAtomic 1.2.3

Darmowa gra logiczna w której łączy się molekuły.

Grudzień 17, 2005

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Advanced Tetric 5.1

The freeware Advanced Tetric is a good replication of the classic Tetris.

Listopad 09, 2005

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Sensitive 1.0.1

Sensitive is a remake of a classic C64 game that quickly becomes addictive.

Wrzesień 15, 2005

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Aqua Bubble 2

Burst the bubbles to gain extra points in the game Aqua Bubble.

3 008
Sierpień 16, 2005

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GEOM 1.5

The free demo version of GEOM makes you create one-colored geometrical forms as quickly as possible by twisting them through mouse clicks, only to see them disappear as if by magic.

Sierpień 12, 2005

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