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MB-Ruler 5.3

MB-Ruler helps you measure distances and angles.

System Monitor II 19.4

System Monitor II is a free desktop gadget for your windows which checks memory usage and core CPU usage in real-time and lets you monitor system performance. It can display the system's overall memory usage and CPU usage of each core in a multi-core processing environment. It has the ability to show the percentage usage and temperature of each of the core associated with the processor, which makes it better than the windows default Task Manager. So whether you have a single core, dual core, quad-core, 10-core, or even higher core processor, you can monitor the percentage usage and temperature of each independent core through this powerful application.

Network Monitor II 19.0

The Network Monitor II (wired and wireless) will show you SSID, signal quality, Internal IP address, External IP address with your country flag when you are connected to the internet, network utilization, upload speed, download speed and total (both current session and global) of usage. It does not require any 3rd party applications.

DesktopSnowOK 2.51

If you want to add a little winter magic feeling to your Desktop then DesktopSnowOK is the perfect tool for you. Let the snowflakes fall on your desktop!

CD Art Display 3.0

Cool and convenient: The freeware tool CD Art Display displays the cover of your currently running song on your desktop.

XWidget 1.88

XWidget is a free desktop customization tool.

Folder Size 2.5

Folder Size shows your in your explorer the size of your file folder.

SuperEasy Mouse Tracker 1.0.1

SuperEasy Mouse Tracker shows you in detail which distance you cover with your mouse at the computer.

Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar is a calendar placed on your windows desktop. It helps you manage appointments, to-do lists and schedules with ease.

Binarywatch v0.1

Binarywatch is an unusual tool for indicating the current time. Hours, minutes and seconds are displayed in binary code.

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KlipFolio Toolbar Weather RSS News

Het gratis programma KlipFolio verzamelt de meest belangrijke informatie van internet op je bureaublad. Meer

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Licentie: Freeware

ViStart 7

Build 3682

Vistart Vista Transformation Live-Search Free Download

Met ViStart ziet je startmenu eruit als het Windows Vista startmenu. Meer

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Licentie: Freeware

Vista Transformation Pack


Met het Vista Transformation Pack kun je je desktop eruit laten zien als Windows Vista. Meer

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Licentie: Freeware

explorer breadcrumbs


explorer breadcrumbs

Explorer Breadcrumbs voegt een Vista-achtige broodkruimel navigatie toe aan je folders. Meer

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Licentie: Freeware

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