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Dual Screen Wallpapers

One of windows 8 features is the ability to have a panoramic wallpaper that spans over two screens seamlessly. Why wait for windows 8 to have this great option? When you can do this with windows 7.

Webcam Software

Everyone seems to have a webcam these days. Whether it is built into your laptop or sitting on your desktop, there are lots of things you can do with your webcam - including video chat ,group video chat, applying various effects to make your chat time more entertaining and meeting people from around the world. Gallery: $(LA6073570|tab=5:Webcam Software)$

Windows Easter Downloads

With Easter just around the corner, crack open those chocolate eggs and take a look at our great, free Easter downloads!

Windows 8 Tweaks and Tools

With windows 8 consumer preview having been out for a month, we guess you have had plenty of time to try out the latest windows OS with its controversial metro interface.

Top 10 Facebook Apps

We all love Facebook. Not only because we can share all those goodies with all our friends but also because we have access to information as well as to entertainment. Gallery: $(LA6071548|tab=5:Top 10 Facebook Apps)$

UDK and Free Games

The UDK is an awesome game development tool with endless possibilities. Whether you are just starting out in game development or you are one of the top game developers, this program can develop games of the highest quality for all platforms.

The 100 best Firefox Addons

Mozilla Firefox generation 10 is here. When used with the right extensions, Firefox can be turned into the browser we all need. This gallery features the top extensions for Firefox, so please feel free to browse our gallery and install your favourite add-ons. Gallery: $(LA5866846|tab=5:The 100 best Firefox Add-ons)$

Facebook Timeline Covers - Best 8 Tools

Timeline for Facebook is one of latest enhancements developed for both personal and business pages. Since the transition from 'Wall' to 'Timeline' will be imposed on all of us, we might as well prepare to have great images for our Facebook timeline covers. Gallery: $(LA5882118|tab=5:Best Facebook Timeline cover creation apps)$

Portable Operating Systems

Would you like to be able to carry your own personalized operating system around with you wherever you are?, Meaning you can boot into a system on any PC that you are familiar with and not have to adjust settings to you liking. Having a portable operating system can also be helpful if you are unable to boot your PC because of an error.

History of Microsoft Windows 98

On June 25th 1998 Microsoft released windows 98 the first Windows operating system to be designed for the consumer.

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40 Gratis Apps voor de iPhone en iPod Touch!

De Apple App Store heeft duizenden applicaties voor de iPhone en de iPod Touch. Wij hebben een selectie gemaakt van de 40 beste gratis apps.

Gallery: Top 40 Gratis Apps voor iPhone & iPod Touch

Als je denkt dat deze applicaties niks voorstellen omdat ze gratis zijn, dan heb je het bij het verkeerde eind. Veel van deze applicaties zijn krachtige tools die er voor zorgen dat jij je iPod en iPhone op heel veel verschillende manieren zult gaan gebruiken. Maak van jouw telefoon of MP3 speler een game console of een handige tool voor onderweg. Of je jouw apparaat nu alleen voor entertaintment gebruikt of ook voor je werk, de Apple App Store heeft zonder twijfel de applicatie die jij nodig hebt.

Top 40 Gratis Apps voor iPhone & iPod Touch

Het enige probleem dat je zult ondervinden is dat je niet weet welke geweldige apps je nu moet kiezen. Wij hebben die keuze iets makkelijker gemaakt door de 40 beste gratis apps uit te zoeken in deze special.

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