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Apache OpenOffice


OpenOffice 3.3 Free Download

OpenOffice include tutte le applicazioni office principali, legge i comuni formati di file di Microsoft Office ... Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: 4.7 Star Rating
Licenza: Freeware

Altap Salamander


Altap Salamander

Altap Salamander è un file manager utilizzabile in alternativa a Windows Explorer. Supporta l’installazione ... Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: Senza giudizio
Licenza: Shareware

Microsoft Office 2007


Microsoft Office 2007

Versione di prova di Microsoft Office 2007 valida 60 giorni. Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: Senza giudizio
Licenza: Demo



PSPad Editor Free Download

PSPad.editor è un editor di testo molto utile e flessibile e supporta un gran numero di linguaggi di programmazione ... Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: 5.0 Star Rating
Licenza: Freeware

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ClockWise 3.30a

ClockWise is a day-planner that lets you schedule up to 100 alerts.

23 Aprile 2004

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TechScheduler 5.50

Keep on top of your daily task with thhis organiser tool.

02 Aprile 2004

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Video E-Mail for Outlook 2003 1.1

The free add-on for Outlook 2003, Video E-Mail for Outlook 2003, helps you in sending video e-mails with just a few mouse clicks.

26 Marzo 2004

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602Pro LAN SUITE 2004

A secure mail server, with Antivirus and Anti-spam capabilities.

22 Marzo 2004

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Code-Genie 4.02.03

Programmers need an efficient editor, which offers more then Notepad. Code-Genie offers a lot more.

14 Marzo 2004

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Internet, Online & Web / Browser

Internet Explorer can't access domain names containing umlauts without help. With i-Nav it can.

09 Marzo 2004

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Doc Scrubber 1.1

Word documents contain more than just written text, for example the Smart tags andMeta tags.

23 Febbraio 2004

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Pocket Slides 1.8

Dispaly presentations direct for your PDA.

22 Gennaio 2004

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PocketWhere 2.3

PocketWhere is a free update for Microsoft PDA operating system PocketPC 2002/2003.

21 Gennaio 2004

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Xmas Stationary for Outlook

Christmas stationary for Outlook.

01 Dicembre 2003

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Personal Folders Backup 1.00

Outlook doesnt offer an automatic backup facility. Add this feature with this free download.

03 Novembre 2003

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PDF Viewer 1.02

Strumenti PDF

Adobe Reader non è l’unica soluzione per i file PDF.

1 231
15 Ottobre 2003

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Pocket Slideshow 1.30

Pocket Slideshow lets you view Powerpoint presentations on your Pocket PC:

27 Agosto 2003

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LetMeType 1.81

LetMeType helps you with your daily office chores.

22 Luglio 2003

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QED 2.90

Access all of your files on your Palm with this reader program.

18 Luglio 2003

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RoboPDF Home Edition 3.0

Converts all Windows documents, regardless of format into PDF files.

10 Luglio 2003

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Calendar Builder 3.2q

Calendar Builder is a semi-professional calendar-making tool with 14 ready-made templates.

Giudizio degli utenti: 1.0 Star Rating

09 Giugno 2003

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FAX 2.0

Send and receive faxes with the freeware FAX for your PalmPilot.

07 Maggio 2003

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CityTime 1.70

A world clock in the palm of your hand.

10 Aprile 2003

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MailAmp 1.1

MailAmp is an Outlook plugin that allows you to record and send voice messages direct from the mail client.

12 Marzo 2003

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