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22 Giugno 2012
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All Operating Systems

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Share files anywhere you’re online, 24/7 -with SkyDrive.

Store, access, and share your files with friends or co-workers, from anywhere online. Free 25 GB password-protected online storage means you can easily get to your stuff with just a few quick clicks. You’ve got the freedom to share large photos, files, and documents. You set the passwords and you decide who sees what, so you have confidence that your data is in your control.

Uploading content is as easy as dragging and dropping the files from your computer onto the Web.

Working on a project with classmates, co-workers, or family? With shared folders, the whole crew can upload, download, and collaborate with you on documents and other files.

Each folder on SkyDrive has a unique Web address, so you can save the link as a favorite or copy-and-paste it into e-mail or other documents for direct access. non è responsabile per i contenuti delle descrizioni dei produttori. Ti invitiamo a stabilire se questo prodotto, o il suo utilizzo, sono legali nel tuo paese. Non incoraggiamo né condoniamo l'utilizzo di alcun software in violazione alle leggi vigenti.

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SkyDrive from Microsoft is a cloud storage application making it easier to share and store those important file with your home, office and mobile devices. With mobile device support for windows phone, iPad/iPhone, mac, and Android you can keep up to on the move.

SkyDrive requires a Windows Live account, these are free and you can link them to your main email account after which you can log in via your main account rather than from the Windows live account. When you first install SkyDrive there is a smidgenof configuration for both pc and mobile device we tested SkyDrive between a windows based pc and an Android device.

The setup for both was not inscrutable at all and once folders were selected to share, the sync was pretty much instant with around 100 text documents. Files which were shared on the shared on the android device had to be selected manually and then uploaded, whereas with the PC you can simple drag files to the pre-selected folders. We simply setup a new folder for which the files from the
Android were to be uploaded to then move them accordingly on the pc, this saved time as sometimes the Android app could become sluggish when changing folders.

So how does this compare to other cloud storage applications? Well you get a standard 7 gig of space which is for most this is plenty, however for those who need more space Microsoft offers up to 100 Gigabytes of cloud storage space for only €37 per year which is not a bad price. There are other payment options of 20 Gigabytes for €8 per year or 50 Gigabytes for €19 per year.

Overall the server we found was stable and quick, however this depends on your internet/mobile connection speeds, we found that the application ran at virtually full speed 99% of the time. With a single log in to your email account which for the majority of people their email are logged in most of the time, there was no need to log in multiple times the accounts where always ready for use when needed.

In conclusion if you are looking for free cloud storage this for us was one of the better options with great support for mobile devices, quick and simple to use you cannot go wrong with SkyDrive.

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