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Flash Album Creator

flash album Download

Flash Album Creator è uno strumento per la creazione di album fotografici digitali. Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: 3.0 Star Rating
Licenza: Shareware




Lo strumento gratuito WebImageGrab permette di effettuare una ricerca di immagini sul web. Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: 3.0 Star Rating
Licenza: Freeware

Namo FreeMotion


Namo FreeMotion Download

Con Namo FreeMotion si creano facilmente filmati flash. Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: 3.0 Star Rating
Licenza: Freeware



IconDeveloper 1.2 free download

Con IconDeveloper è possibile creare icone personalizzate per modificare l'aspetto del sistema operativo Windows. Leggi

Giudizio degli utenti: Senza giudizio
Licenza: Freeware

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F1X 2.57

F1X is a large statistics database for all fans of Formula 1.

28 Febbraio 2014

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PhotoZoom Pro 2.2.8

Photozoom è un programma per ingrandire le immagini senza far loro subire grandi perdite di qualità.

Giudizio degli utenti: 3.0 Star Rating

08 Agosto 2007

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ThumbsDbExtractor 1.0

Extract the preview images from the Thumb.db with ThumbsDbExtractor.

Giudizio degli utenti: 5.0 Star Rating

25 Luglio 2008

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2D+3D Screensaver Maker 3.6 TOP

Creiamo il nostro screensaver 2D o 3D.

Giudizio degli utenti: 4.0 Star Rating

02 Agosto 2007

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2JPEG 5.3

Editor di immagini

Convert image files to JPEGs with this software.

Giudizio degli utenti: 1.0 Star Rating

30 Maggio 2004

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360 Panorama iPhone App 4.0

With 360 Panorama iPhone App capturing panoramas has never been easier!

14 Giugno 2011

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8mm Vintage Camera iPhone App

Shoot old-fashioned 8mm movies in real time - with the 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone App.

02 Maggio 2011

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A5 HTML5 Animator FREE 1.1

A5 HTML5 Animator is a comprehensive software solution for the creation of modern web animations based on the new web standard HTML5. This software lets you create stunning and interactive contents for your webpage, without the need of programming skills.

27 Giugno 2013

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Able Batch Converter 3.5

Able Batch Converter does exactly what its title suggests, allowing you to easily convert multiple graphics files at the click of a button.

05 Aprile 2011

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Able Photo Slide Show 2.4

Able Photo Slide Show is a photo slideshow viewer, that allows you to view your images with transition effects and background music, in a full-screen slideshow.

05 Dicembre 2009

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abylon EXIF-CLEANER 2013

Anzeigen bzw. löschen der EXIF-Information von JPG-Grafikdateien.

19 Novembre 2012

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Aquasoft SlideShow for YouTube 6

With AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube you can create hi-quality clips in no time and upload them directly to YouTube.

1 352
22 Marzo 2009

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Ashampoo GetBack Photo 1.0.1

With Ashampoo GetBack Photo the loss of digital pictures does not have to be forever. The program enables a quick recovery of photos from different storage devices, for example memory cards, smart phones, or USB hard disk drives.

12 Agosto 2011

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Ashampoo Photo Mailer 1.0.6

Sharing images through email should be an easy and joyful experience. However, numerous email provider constraints quickly turn it into a hassle. Images have to be manually resized, trimmed and split up into several emails to meet email restrictions.

08 Maggio 2013

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at32 Comedy Webcam 1.02

Freeware at32 Comedy Webcam simulates a web server, allowing you to put pictures from your webcam onto the Internet.

01 Marzo 2005

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ATI Winclock 1.08

Regoliamo la nostra scheda grafica con ATI Winclock.

Giudizio degli utenti: 5.0 Star Rating

03 Luglio 2002

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AVD Slide Show 3.0

Create a slideshow with just a few clicks!

16 Agosto 2007

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bcWebCam diagnose Barcodes from webcam pictures ans read it.

26 Maggio 2009

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BeauSoft UC-Autocam 2.1

BeauSoft UC-Autocam is a great alternative to the software that comes with your USB digital camera.

Giudizio degli utenti: 5.0 Star Rating

22 Maggio 2009

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Before/After Images V1.00

The software Before/After images supports the generation of before / after image comparisons.

20 Settembre 2013

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