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PointUI Home 2.1.04 Letoltes

Szerkesztő értékelése
Felhasználó rang:
nem értékelt
Hozzáadás dátuma:
Június 30, 2009
Operációs rendszer:
Windows Mobile

PointUI Home Leírás

Take back control of your mobile device with this sleek application that will make you forget the need for a Stylus!

Thanks to the intuitive controls and highly responsive user interface, with generously sized controls, using your Windows Mobile device will become an easier and more pleasant experience. You can control your device via touch or directional navigation.
PointUI is designed to allow easy viewing of critical information on one screen with quick access for locking the device, changing sound profiles, wireless, battery and general settings. Using the Applet Ribbo you can easily access the time, tasks, appointments, calendar and up to date weather forecasts and current temperatures.

because i provides very good user interface

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Szerkesztői vélemény

I don't know if PointUI can be actually considered an "iPhone killer", but it most definitely is a killer ap that can make your user experience with Windows Mobile a whole lot more enjoyable. You can really forget about the need for a stylus, as this piece of free software is at peace with your fingers, unlike the original WM interface.

To start with the good stuff, PointUI really puts the essential things on your "desktop" (today screen), without making it annoyingly overcrowded with tiny icons that only feel good when there is a stylus around. The center of the screen is dominated by one window that shows you the time and date, and you can change the format of how it is shown from digital to analogue. If you want to access your calendar, task list or appointments, all you have to do is slide your finger across the center of the screen and it magically changes, in an iPhone-like style, to suit you needs. A double tap will also open the respective application, so that you can edit your appointments, tasks and so on. Even more, you also have a widget to display the weather forecast for your region, which you can set for manual or automated updates.

Going on, at the bottom part of the screen you have four icons – phone, e-mail, text messages and Widnows Start button – and two menus – Contacts and Applications. Just press on any of them and the respective window will open, with a nice transition effect. Whenever you have a new e-mail or text message, or a missed call, the information will be displayed on top of the respective icon. I was really impressed by the “bookmark scroll” function that you can use in the Contacts or Applications menus. It is by far the best solution I’ve used so far for quickly and easily finding a contact, no matter how big your list is. You just slide your finger up and down the right part of the screen and the contact list slides accordingly, but there’s more to it! As you slide your finger, on center of the screen the different letters of the alphabet show up, so you can jump on the slide scale directly to the letter you are interested, and then slide to the contact you are looking for! You then just “flip” the page to the details (by sliding your finger, of course!) and you can make your call. Much of the rest of the settings can be done in the same way, including the volume levels, the Windows Mobile settings and so on.

What I did not really like is that sometimes, although it works fine in general, the application tends to “jam” and you will need to use the hardware buttons for scrolling as the touchscreen will not react properly. Other than that, one limitation is that you cannot really set the elements you can have on the Home screen or change the skin, so you are quite limited at what you get after installation. Also, the “iPhone-like” feel ends where this shell’s functionality ends, so you will have finger-slide activated settings panels, but you will not be able to browse through your images in the same way, like you can do on an iPod.

All in all, it is a marvelous piece of software that you should have to make your Windows Mobile more user friendly and cool. The fact that it’s free is really the cherry on the cake and the minor glitches will be taken care of for sure in future versions, as this is an ongoing project!

Lucian Bitai

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