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Systemspeaker Klavier 2.0

(Other) January 20, 2011

Pretty boring


This piece of software is pretty boring. You can just click around on the keys and hear a crappy sound coming out of your computer. No options and just one instrument. Runs also on Win Vista and Win7 The Systemspeakers are "emulated" trough your soundcard then.

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VLC media player 1.1.4

(Media Players) September 01, 2010

Fantastic piece of software


VLC is one of the greatest free Mediaplayers available. As Open Source it is under heavy developement. Critical security holes in the code are been fixed in DAYS. This is the reason, why there are a lot of updates for VLC sometimes. Some users feel annoyed by this updates. Indeed securityupdates are a good thing.

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Geared Free for iPhone 1.1

(Mind Games) October 28, 2009

Cool stuff!


I installed the App to my iPod Touch and it works perfectly.. The idea of this game is really simple. But it makes addictive. Exact the right thing for the 10 Minutes you are waiting for the bus.

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Crazy Taxi 3 Demo

(Sports & Simulations) October 26, 2009

Big fun!


I love this game. Just bring the people to their destination. This is the whole game. But this is big fun. Do some crazy maneuvers to get faster to your destination. It just makes addictive!

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