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Word Viewer 2003 2.0

(Business Software) July 01, 2013

Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003


Do you feel intimidated by those Microsoft messages that appear saying 'Windows cannot open this file...' and gives you options to look it up by choosing 'selecting from a list' or ' looking it up on the web' ? You can browse if you know what you are doing, but maybe you don't know how to do it? you choose the folder from the 'programs list' of your computer to browse from to do this. Maybe you are not sure though? For example: do you open the folder in the programs list and choose the 'exe' file or do you do something else? If you do not know much about this sort of thing, it might be easy to just decide it is too difficult, when you are doing things, and just say to yourself 'forget it.' So you might then decide: I'll just use an extension I know works, such as 'txt' (for Notepad, for example, as this is the extension). An alternative is to install Office Word Viewer 2003, by Microsoft. It is a very useful product. How is it useful? Here is a scenario: You create a document in Wordpad ( which is not Word). The extension might say .rtf. You create your document, format it nicely with your bolding and your bullet points and your tabs and you spend some time on it and then you click 'save' and close it. Oh no! You go back to it: it won't open. You didn't make a printout copy. Now you've got a document you can't use. You don't know how to open it as you consider yourself not technical and so you rewrite it all in Notepad, which has a .txt extension. Then you can print it out or change it, but you don't have the formatting options you had in Wordpad. You can't do the arrangment the way you wanted to, as Notepad has less functions than Wordpad for formatting. This could have been avoided, if you had known about Office Word Viewer 2003 (a Microsoft product). It installs on your computer and is free. It will open some file extensions. It is not necessary to have Word (from Microsoft) installed. So now going back to the scenario above: You download Word Viewer 2003, you install it. Then go back to your file extensions that you could not open and you will see that it now says 'W' (for word) on your previous .doc or .rft file extension document (there are others it opens also), click on it and it opens in the Word Viewer and now you have solved the problem: you can read your previously unreadable file. When you look in the 'file' menu of 'my documents' you will see that the extension that you previously could not open has been added to the list. Problem solved. By KW.