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AnyTV Free 2.63

(Internet Radio & TV) July 08, 2012

Channels not available


This message appears into most popular tv stations.: "This channel is not available in free mode". This not available, that not available, another one not available. Not worth to try it even. I am removing it.

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Opera 12.00.1213 Beta

(Browsers) December 31, 2011

Awsome orchestra


If you don't want to have these annoying toolbars occupying your browser space. If you want extreme speed browsing; Innovative features and really beautiful browser than you must try Opera 12. It's simply awesome. Bit torrent, OperaTurbo, MailClient, RRS, Notes, Unite (file sharing), and Server all in one build in features and much more. You don't need any other app. Opera is awsome orchestra including all this instruments in. Discover Opera 12 for more. I've been using Opera for more than 7 years and I am still discovering many awsome features. Recommended!