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3RVX 2.5

(Windows Tools) July 07, 2010

simple but cool


the windows volume control is really boring and 3RVX just add that extra bit of cool. i have spent a bit of time customising my desktop to get everything just right, so it's nice to add some finishing touches like this, a sleek looking volume control!

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MungoGamer Remote Steering Wheel 1.0

(iPhone & iPad) June 21, 2010

love it!


actually really works well. cool modern but simple interface, but the feel is whats got me. tilt forward to speedup, pull the phone back to brake. hah. love it!

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(Filters & Effects) February 12, 2010

i love photofunia


so cool. i always use the photofunia site when i'm bored of my facebook profile pic. they have some really cool effects and on most of them the image blends pretty well perfectly. love it! you should try it. it would be nice if there was an actual photofunia download though.

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Assassin's Creed II Wallpaper Pack 1.0

(Wallpapers) November 17, 2009

awesome wallpapers!


man i can't wait for this game. come onn!! thanks for the wallpapers in the meanwhile. cheers!

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