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ecran internet 8.0

(Browsers) May 14, 2010

ecran small browser


Ecran internet 8 Yes the program is extremely small and downloads in an instant. Unfortunately the computer will need to have .NET 4 installed. Which is about 32mb and takes a little while to download and longer to install! Once you have all this installed the browser does start fairly quickly compared to the big boys – chrome, firefox etc Opens automatically with BING You can click on a new tab and open a new page quite quickly Not too much to soup up here, choice of search engines from the bottom left corner Bing, Google or Yahoo options to make notes and access other ecran stuff and top right shows the current date and opens a month calendar. Only niggle I have is that you have to click on the button to start to go to your page So my first impression is that it is a nice small fast browser which opens from its own file so it is portable with no installation required. It does however require the host machine to have the .net 4 framework installed. It seems to work well so far but is a no frills browser. Probably ideal for quick browsing without all the whistles and bells we have come to expect from browsers these days. Personally, I think I will be sticking to Chrome for the time being as it is also available portable and doesn’t require the .net framework to run.