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PDFCreator 0.9.5

(PDF Tools) May 25, 2008



A very good PDF creator. It integrates as a chooseable printer alongside the others. It works this way: you must set it as a default printer (this you must set back when done if you want to use your real printer again), and "print" the .doc, .xls or anything else you want to convert from MS office, or a viewer, (it does not support reading any file by its own!) Easy to use, I had no problems with it, it's fast as well. I recommend it to everyone.

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(Burning Software) May 25, 2008

Too much


It knows "all", but most people do not need all the features Nero has, and it's a huge app when installed, may slow down any machine. If someone does not need the extras, lots of freeware can write even BluRay today, with simple interface and Unicode support, and of course in perfect quality. It's not free! If you want you should search for free small alternatives. I'd recommend something else.

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Download Statusbar

(Browser Enhancements) May 25, 2008

Really good


Converts the annoying pop-up "Downloads" window of Firefox into a small bar on the statusbar. It shows current speed, time left, percent done, or other parameters (downloaded size, etc). Executables, archives etc. can be started from it directly. Free. It's a must for firefox users.

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Foxit PDF Reader 2.2 Build 2129

(PDF Tools) May 25, 2008

The best


This is the most useful PDF freeware among all I think. It searches around 50-100 pages per second for a string(!). All main functions are also built in like in the other PDF viewers. (rotate pages, text select, etc.) Download this! Forget Adobe Acrobat!

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