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PDF Creator 0.9.9

(PDF Tools) June 30, 2010

Best free PDF Creator


PDF Creator is the best free tool for creating and merging PDF files. The tool is very simple to use, just select PDF Creator as printer and the conversion begins. Nevertheless, experienced users can choose from various options, e.g. security, quality, etc. That makes PDF Creator the best free PDF tool on the market.

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Stanza for iPhone 2.1

(Mobile & Portable ) June 15, 2010

The perfect allrounder for Ebook Conversion


Lexcycle's Stanza is an easy-to-use tool for ebook conversion. You can convert to all common ebook formats and even get your .doc or .pdf files on your ereader. What I like most is that it allows converting to the Amazon Kindle format. Especially the preview functionality is really useful so that you can easily see how the converted file will look like on your ebook reader.

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XMedia Recode

(Converters) June 11, 2010



XMedia is an allrounder for video conversion. It works with all common video formats and is easy to use due to its "Drag&Drop" functionality.

1 of 1 people found the following review useful: - Personal Radio for Android 1.1.0

(Mobile Phones) June 11, 2010

Only to use with flatrate

4 for Android is a great app but only useful if you have a flatrate! Streaming music causes a lot of traffic! For all lucky flatrate users out there, is awesome. Stylish design, easy to use but sometimes the app crashes and has to be restared.

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