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VLC media player 1.1.4

(Media Players) August 29, 2010

VLC Player 1.1.4


It's a very good player,far better than WMP and others available,but now these updates or new versions are becoming too many,there's a release almost every 15 days...I remember that v 1.0 was defines "final"...I suppose that,sometimes,some updates are issued in a hurry,too much,and are not full tested. Anyway,very good app.

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SE-TrayMenu 1.4.4

(Windows Tools) April 19, 2010

SE-Tray v 1.4.4


It's a very cool app,very handy can work only under XP,that's all.I tested both V 1.4.3 and the new one,1.4.4 but the result is same:with Vista you can put everything inside and it works, but when you reboot the PC you can see only the default apps,nothing else.It loses the memory when system is put off.Please,have a look and check better;it should be a very interesting and useful app if working with all systems.

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Quick Startup

(Start-Up & Shutdown ) January 03, 2010

Nice,but limited


It works and does what it says,but it's not so much;I tried with Win XPPro delaying several apps,but the result is not such to say the startup speed is improved significantly.