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Game Cam 2.3.4

(Recording Software) June 20, 2009

Do not get this GameCam software


The GameCam program has no many issues it should be called alpha/beta software, but the company is selling it, and the support for the program is terrible. They refuse to acknowledge issues with their software and will just and ban you from their forum and delete all your posts. Its a program similar to fraps, it allow you to record in game footage, but the program allows the use of codecs to compress the file, so you do not have large files like fraps. Part of the issue with this program is that if you record an avi file with divx and the avo recorded is in a avi 1.0 container that can not exceed a 2 gb limit or the file is corrupted. The safeguard option of the program to prevent this do not work properly. Even if the file is well within 2 gb it could still be corrupted by the program itself not properly saving the video on the fly. You might be able to fix the video using other tools but that might not work. The program seems to hook to almost anything instead of just games. If you load any flash movie, like hulu for example, and full screen it, the program will pop up and try to record it like its a game. The program will crash your game if you exit the program with game still running. The options to configure the program can only be accessed via the interface that hooks into the game and access via hot key that defaults to \. The GameCam mouse used in this interface will stop working frequently causing issue that now you can not configure the program and will need to reinstall the app to set settings to default, only normal way to default things is in this hooking interface assuming your mouse works. All in all it has been one headache after another with the program, and when ever you would mention your issues to them on their forum and suggest a change to make it easier to use or reconfig or restore default settings without reinstalling, you get met with forum mod that has nothing better to do than threaten you and do nothing to fix your issue.